Cheapest Old Trafford tour – Manchester United

I’m a Leeds United fan, so this wasn’t the easiest of experiences for me, but I’m nothing if not devoted to finding the UK’s best experience days! And besides, I wasn’t paying  😉

Here are the cheapest Old Trafford tours available today. Followed by a review of my tour of Leeds’ United’s eternal rivals *shudder*

Cheapest Old Trafford tour

Old Trafford tour review

Old Trafford is huge – that’s the first thing you notice when you go on tour the Manchester United football ground. After booking your slot, you turn up to the visitor’s center – not easy to find, and you end up walking round the outside of the stadium, following signs around the car park.

This was the best bit for me because there’s no-one telling me how amazing Man U were.
Once in, you can have a quick look round the Old Trafford museum (complete with trophies, old players’ kit, and other random Man U stuff). As a casual observer, I believe there may be a few more recent trophies than at Elland Road!!!
Then you have to meet downstairs for the guided tour of the stadium…

old trafford tour
Sit in the players' seats

Things you do on the Old Trafford tour
• Walk round the pitch
• Sit in the dugout at the pitch side
• Learn about the club’s history, including a tribute to the Munich disaster
• See the players’ changing room
• Be sad that you’re not touring Elland Road in Leeds

Of course you end up in the shop, where you can buy loads of Manchester United stuff (or not).
Even though it’s Manchester United, it was quite interesting. It’s a big place and there’s plenty of atmosphere, and you can imagine what it’s like on sellout nights against decent teams (like Leeds United for example).

If you’re a Manchester United fan (shame on you :-p) it’s a great experience. I’d recommend it’s well worth a visit. Save your cash in the shop though, and order cheaper stuff off the internet instead.

If you’re not a Manchester United fan, then a tour of Old Trafford is still worth a trip to have a nosey around the empty stadium. It’s a lot more fun that watching Man u play, and cheaper too!

I wanted to give this stadium tour 0 out of 5, not cos it was rubbish but cos it’s Old Trafford, but I wasn’t allowed to!

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