Cheapest owl experience day

Owl handling is a birds of prey experience like you’ve never imagined – and we’ve found the cheapest.

So why wouldn’t anybody want to experience an owl, to handle an owl, this wild magnificent creature, and learn its secrets?
Well we’ve scoured all the experience people in the UK and found the very best offers and cheapest owl handling days sessions there are. But we’ve not skimped on quality.

These owl experiences make sure you get hands on with your feathery friend and see what he’s about, so you can be sure that any of our best buy owl handling offers will be a day to remember.

These are the cheapest owl experience days we’ve found in the UK

And with owl experiences starting at around £49 for one, or £80 for two, this is really a case where cheapest IS best!

But owl experiences are for the select few – you won’t find them all over the country – so if you’re lucky enough to have one near you, or within easy travelling distance, then you should definitely take advantage of it. Or why not give an owl handling gift experience – a gift to be remembered and treasured long afterwards.

There’s just something about owls that makes you sit up and take notice. They’re mysterious, as you rarely see them in the wild and then only at night. They’re eerily silent, with special feathers to muffle the owl’s wingbeat as it prowls the night looking for prey.
And with their vicious talons and hooked beaks, owls are deadly.

It’s not everybody gets to handle one of these feathered beauties, but we assure you that when you do, and appreciate their power and grace, the memory will stay with you and you’ll talk about it for a long long time.
And of course don’t forget to get lots of pictures and videos to keep those memories even more vivid.

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