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Cheapest Wembley Stadium tour

Cheapest Wembley Stadium tour
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London has lots of big football stadiums, there’s Arsenal, there’s Chelsea, Spurs, West Ham. But when it comes to football stadiums. the King of Stadiums has got to be Wembley

Wembley stadium is the stadium where ALL the biggest games are held. It’s every player’s dream to play at Wembley. And now you have a chance to visit this holy grail of stadiums and see for yourself the hallowed turf.

Wembley stadium tours are pretty much all the same and are available from quite a few companies, and usually their buying power makes them cheaper than buying direct. We’ve kept an eye on all the current offers for tours of Wembley, and our prices are updated in real time so you always get the very best value.

Remember, these are usually the same experience, just discounted by different amounts, and sometimes it’s cheaper for 2 people than 1 person – so pick the cheapest and fill your (football) boots!


Here are the best deals for family tickets:

This voucher entitles 2 adults and up to 2 children to a tour of Wembley Stadium.Children under the age of 5 are admitted free. Remember it might be cheaper to pick up a couple of the ‘tours for 2’ above instead.



And here’s the full list of all the other experiences:



Review of the Wembley stadium tour

The nearest most people get to Wembley stadium is to see it on TV. And like you, I’d always wondered whether that fabulous bowling-green pitch was as good in real life as on my 42 inch plasma.

Well I can tell you that it is. and then some.

The guide is key to any tour, and the guide on our Wembley tour knew his stuff. If there was anything he didn’t know about the world’s most famous stadium, then we couldn’t find it. He was full of fascinating little facts, stories and tales about the history of the place, and some of the greats who’ve graced its pitch. In fact the visit was worth it purely for the chance to listen to the guide, even if we hadn’t seen the changing rooms, treatment area, tunnel down which all the players walk on to the pitch and even the dugouts, let alone the Royal Box, and even a replica FA Cup for us to pose with!

Wembley stadium tour

On this tour, you get to see all the key areas of this mighty stadium. And you can even pose beside the statue of the late great Bobby Moore. How good is that?

Things we liked about the Wembley Stadium tour

  • It’s Wembley!
  • there’s no other stadium compares
  • you get to see the lot, from the Royal Box to the dugouts, even to the press interview room
  • the guide was brilliant, full of knowledge and very entertaining too

Bad things about the Wembley stadium tour

  • It’s a bit footbally, if you don’t like football
  • I never won the FA cup there for real!

So if you’re football mad, or even if you’ve just watched the occasional International and been curious, then this is an experience you’ll enjoy and remember for a long time.

Cheapest Wembley Stadium tour3.6Sarah FirminCheapest Wembley Stadium tours – experience the best football stadium in the world and follow in the footsteps of the footballing greats.

2 reviews

  1. coolio /

    Cheaper than a match ticket and you see behind the scenes. But I miss the old wembleu.

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  2. david /

    Easy to get to, fun 90 minute tour with brilliant tour guide and a chance for a professional photo with the FA cup. Top marks.

    Visited September 2012

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