Chilli experiences

We love chilli experiences. A year or two ago they never used to exist, however now the’re all the rage for spice and cookery lovers around the UK.

This is your most popular Chilli experience day

It’s really lets you get to know these bad boys, and it’s great value for money.


Aren’t all chillis the same?

You must be joking! They all come from similar-looking plants, but some chillis are mild and zingy, some have a little more heat and lots of taste, and others will blow your head off!

Technically, they measure the hotness of a chilli in Scoville heat units (SHU), and those you can get in the shops range from pretty low on the scale right up to the likes of the Scotch Bonnet, one of the hottest ones, which can measure a whopping 300,000 SHU.

Your chilli experience will teach you to appreciate the differences and let you sample an amazing range of different varieties right off the plant.¬†Though with a bit of luck, you won’t come across a Carolina Reaper from the USA, which as one of the hottest chillis ever grown has been recorded at a blistering 2.2 million SHU.

So go with our recommended experience, or check out the full list yourself. There’s lots to choose from.

Types of chilli experience days

What they nearly all have in common is that you’ll get to see the different chillis growing, and you’ll get to taste and appreciate some of the very different varieties that are available. You’ll certainly know a lot more about chillis afterwards than you did before, and learn many new and mouthwatering ways to incorporate them in your cooking.

The majority of the experiences include a lunch or tea, usually with a chilli-oriented menu so you can put your new-found chilli appreciation into practice. And chilli experiences are a popular couples experience so you and your OH can enjoy it together.

Chilli experiences as a novelty gift idea

For a lot of people, it’s tricky thinking of something different when Christmas or a birthday comes round again, so why not give a chilli experience?¬†It’ll be a new idea, and there won’t be many people who wouldn’t appreciate the gift of a chilli tasting and lunch. Imagine your partner’s face light up when they see what you’ve got them – and it so makes a change from the usual stuff.

And don’t forget to give them a double experience, so you can go too!!

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