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Cowboy experience – ride horses cowboy style

Cowboy experience – ride horses cowboy style
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Trail riding cowboy style is great fun. How often have you watched Clint Eastwood riding into town and longed to have a go at being a cowboy? Well if you’re within reach of the lovely New Forest in Hampshire, then you can.

What cowboy experiences are there to buy?

They all tend to be in the South of England – perhaps the North is too cold for cowboys!! – but if you’re happy with that,then here’s a complete list of all the Cowboy Experiences you can buy today, with prices updated in real time so you know you’re getting the lowest prices there are, and you see any special offers before anybody else does!

Find the one you like the look of and click through to find the full details of your experience, where it is and what you get, and you can buy there and then. This is your one-stop Cowboy Experience shop!

Kids cowboy experiences

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So that’s the kids’ cowboy experiences. If you’re looking for a cowboy experience for adults, check out the complete list of them below.

Adults cowboy experiences

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Cowboy experience review

This is a very popular experience for kids, as it’s a dream for many to live out the cowboy life for real. But don’t worry, it’s even more popular with grown ups and you’ll meet many like-minded would-be cowboys re-enacting The Good, The Bad and the Ugly just like you.

For the kids’ experience, you need to be four years old or over; for the adult one, 12 or over.

And of course for the “teens” one you need to be a teen.

The adult experiences centre round a lovely trek through the forest, culminating in a barbecue where you can swap cowboy yarns with your fellow travellers.

Kids’ cowboy days are a little more varied, with cowboy specialities such as grooming, lassoing, horseshoe throwing and riding in the safety of an arena.

If you want a bit more of an insight into life in the wild west and being at home on the range, then some of the experiences put more emphasis on the jobs and skills side of cowboy life, so look out for these.

We just wanted a fabulous ride through lovely scenery on a cowboy horse with a cowboy saddle, and that certainly lived up to its promise.

No riding experience is needed, and as cowboys rode in all weathers, then so will you. Rain or bad weather won’t lead to your day being cancelled, so if you fear the worst, then get well wrapped up!!

Cowboy saddles are well padded and comfortable, not at all like our English horseriding saddles, so your ride should be a lot more comfortable, and even would-be cowpokes who are not as young as they once were should have a good and pleasant cowboy trail. Fit and active seniors are more than welcome.

Or you could even stay in a real Indian tepee for the Wild West version of the outdoor life.

The main experience providers (and we only use the good ones) all sell from the same group of cowboy experiences, so once you’ve decided which one you want, we suggest you buy the cheapest version of it.

Cowboy experience as a gift

If you’re struggling to find a gift for someone, and don’t want to resort to socks, sweaters, bath salts or worse, then a Cowboy experience would make an original gift idea. It’s ideal for couples, so an experience for two would be just the job. They’ll love it.

So what are you waiting for? Wagons roll!!!!!

Cowboy experience – ride horses cowboy style3.66666666667Sarah FirminCowboy experiences for kids and adults. Be Clint Eastwood, John Wayne or even one of the bad guys. Learn to lasso your steers and ride your friendly horse. Western fun at the lowest UK prices.

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  1. Elleanor Conte /

    We bought 2 Cowboy experiences for our children from Red Letter Days, and we’re all thrilled!

    Once we arrived, we went to sign in and signed a couple of forms and then waited with a drink for the rest of the group to arrive. You’re with other people here, but they keep the groups small enough and there are plenty of instructors to go around.

    As parents, we could have stayed in the ranch and had a cup of tea, or followed the kids around and kept an eye on them. We did a bit of both, and it was a nice chance to get away from the children for a bit!

    We saw the kids getting fitted with hats and boots, and then showed to the lovely horses. The kids gave them a brush and a clean and then put on all the saddles and bits and bobs. These horses are obviously used to carrying kids, and it looked like some children had no experience of riding, but the horses happily trotted about around obstacles and everyone had a whale of a time.

    After the riding, they had a bbq with sausages and the like, out of metal bowls like real cowboys (assuming cowboys still eat barbecued sausages). Parents can have food too for a few extra £

    So yes, good place, good fun and a nice people. And loads of photos of the kids being cowboys (and girls)!

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    • John /

      Thanks for the review Eleanor. Sounds like we need to have a few extra children and send them off on this day.

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