Cupcake decorating experience

If you live near London and want to learn how to decorate cupcakes like the professionals, then this is the experience for you.

What are the best deals?

Here are all the cupcake decorating classes you can buy, with prices updated in real time so you get the lowest price available, and even get to be the first to see any special offers. Pick out the one you fancy, click through to check the details of where it is and what you get, then you can buy there and then in total confidence.

The experience providers all sell the same set of experiences, so once you’ve found the one you like we recommend buying it from whoever is cheapest at the time.

Where is the cupcake experience?

There are a few locations – click through to read full descriptions to find out where. They’re mainly in London though – You can learn all about cupcake decoration – some hints and tips, and help with the practical skills involved – at Cocoa Box or the famous Cake Boy boutique in London.


What happens on a cupcake decorating day?

The experience varies a little from course to course. Some come with a cocktail to drink while you’re learning and decorating, some cover just the decorating but others include the recipe for the perfect cupcake batter and baking the cakes themselves before you decorate them.

All provide you with an apron and the ingredients for you to use when decorating your cupcakes in class, and depending on the price of the experience, you get to take away half a dozen or a dozen that are the product of your own fair hand!

They are classes of up to 20 or so people, so are quite a busy social affair too, and you can share secrets and tips with fellow class members. If you go for one of the classes featuring cocktails or chocolate martinis, then there’s an added dimension to the experience and it certainly becomes a bit more of a social occasion.

Those who want a more in-depth knowledge and to take cupcake decoration to the next level may be better suited with the longer five hour cupcake masterclass where you learn more advanced skills, cover the making of the perfect cupcake ready for decoration, and master the art of making swirls, flowers and teddy bears to decorate your cupcakes together with the art of correctly using food colourings. This gives you much more information and technique to take away, and after this masterclass you really will feel confident in any cupcake situation and should be able to produce and decorate fantastic cupcakes you will be proud of.

Cupcake experience as a gift?

Like us, you’ll know many people who cook, and many people who want to cook. So what better gift could there be for them than one of these brilliant introductions the art of cupcake decoration where only a little knowledge can have you producing cakes with the professional finish.

They have to be able to get easily to London, but if they can, then imagine the delight when they receive this brilliant little gift instead of the normal unimaginative stuff we’re all usually given. It will show you’ve thought about it, and it will give them useful skills that will last them a lifetime.

And who knows, from here, they may go on to taking one of the fabulous cookery courses we feature (type cookery into the search box above) and become accomplished cooks in areas far removed from cupcakes.

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