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Eclipse sphereing – are you hard enough?

Eclipse sphereing – are you hard enough?
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Looking for an adrenaline experience, the experience day to separate the men from the boys?  Well if you thought harness zorbing was cool, you ain’t seen nothing yet!

And that’s the secret of Eclipse Zorbing – you roll down a hill strapped inside a huge ball, at speeds approaching 30 miles an hour, IN COMPLETE DARKNESS. Yes, your sphere, or zorb, is completely opaque and you can see zilch, nada, nothing at all during your daredevil stunt to end all daredevil stunts.

Where can I go Eclipse sphereing?

As yet, the number of locations that will challenge you to this extreme form of sphereing (or zorbing – means the same thing) are limited, but it’s catching on, so keep an eye out here as we’ve got all the country’s roll-down-a-hill-in-the-dark experiences here together for you in one place.

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Eclipse sphereing review

So you want to know more about this ultimate rolling in the dark experience before you book eh? Right, here goes.
Well first, it’s for two people. These spheres are big, and to keep them balanced as they career down the hill, you need a person at either side. Which means you and a friend. After all, you wouldn’t want to be scared out of your wits with a complete stranger, would you?

So the first question is, do you know anybody with as much bottle as you to give this a go? If you don’t then you need some new friends.

Second, it’s physical and it’s scary. So grannies, wimps and fans of Rodgers and Hammerstein musicals who sing along to tunes from Carousel need not apply.

It’s perfectly safe though it doesn’t feel like it since you’re totally disorientated and cut off from the outside world. But your harness will hold you secure and there’s plenty of air between you and the ground that you’re bouncing along over. So you need nerves of steel for this ordeal where only the real hard men come out of it not shouting for their mothers.

The downside is that it’s all over too quickly. You may well say that a minute or so is plenty long enough for an experience this nasty, but we’re pretty sure that if you’re as hard as you think you are, you’ll emerge from your ball laughing your head off and wishing it had gone on and on and on.

Mind you, it’s easy to say that when you’ve got out and the terror is all over, isn’t it?
So if you’re wanting the ultimate adrenaline experience, have a friend who’s as crazy as you, and can split the cost, then this is the one for you.

Of course, if you’re looking for an ideal gift idea for somebody who has a sense of adventure and would think speeding down a hill in total darkness inside a huge ball is fun, then you can’t pick a better present idea. But make sure you want to go with them, or know somebody who will!!

And a final word of warning: Remember, once your sphere sets off, you can’t stop it and you can’t get out till it reaches the bottom of the hill.
But on the bright side, at least the ball isn’t half-full of water like in the Aqua sphereing trip.


Eclipse sphereing – are you hard enough?4Sarah FirminEclipse sphereing – zorbing in total darkness for the ultimate adrenaline thrill

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