Extreme dodgems – stock car racing experience

It only happens in Birmingham, but this stock car racing experience is well worth the trip, wherever you live.

Yes, thrash a reinforced old banger round the track in a real stock car racing challenge against other drivers just like you.

There’s stewards, there’s marshals, there’s commentators, there’s even a trophy. It’s your entry into the real world of motor racing and your chance to show those track racing skills you’ve got and see if you can come home with your very own challenge trophy.

Where do I buy it?

Stock car racing adventures are all actually the same experience, but marketed by different experience providers. So we’ve brought them all together for you in one place for you to compare prices, and then we recommend you just buy the cheapest.

Our prices are updated for you in real time, and you’ll also get to see any special offers first too – though this is a very popular driving experience and offers are few and far between.

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Extreme dodgems review

This stock car challenge is called “extreme dodgems” because in a way that’s what it is. You’re haring round the track in your reinforced stock car, nudging competitors out of the way but being careful to avoid being outnudged yourself – it’s a game of cat and mouse, who can get to the finishing line without being bumped off and without slowing yourself down by bumping too many others.

You start with a safety briefing, of course, as you need to know the dangers of these surprisingly powerful little beasts and how to control them rather than let them run away with you. And you need to learn the rules of stock car racing for later in the session.

Then it’s down to instruction on how to drive and handle the car, and a few practice laps to give you the feel of the vehicle and get you into driver mode.

It’s now that your adrenalin really starts pumping, as you’re off, pedal to the metal, in the first of your two heats where you scream away on a multi-lap race against other beginners. There are usually up to eight in a heat, so you’ll find there’s plenty of competition, and it’s surprising how quickly you find your level of skill compared with everybody else.

Marshals and stewards are there to see fair play and keep an eye on proceedings just like in a real stock car race, then it’s all down to you and your skill – and a fair bit of luck!

Once the heats have sorted out the drivers into matched ability (which group will you be in??) it’s time for the Grand Final where you race for the trophy. Ten laps of fury and eyeballs-out driving decides your fate, so will you end up on the podium? Yes, there’s even a podium for your prize presentation, so make sure you take somebody along to video you as you drive round, flash over the line in first place, and salute the crowd when you get the official trophy presentation.

We find that this extreme dodgems experience is one of the best value driving experiences, as not only is it quite cheap, but you get competition against other novice racers and will get to drive a total of some thirty laps of the track in your quest for the elusive prize.

Quite a few dearer driving experience days give you less hands-on time in the car than this – though of course in most of the others, you do need to be careful not to scratch the paintwork, and bumping other cars dodgems-style is a definite no-no.

So check it out, buy the cheapest from our price chart above, and get racing. Take somebody with you to record it on film and video, and you can even come back here and we might put up a copy of your video for all to see.

How’s that for extreme dodgems?

And while you’re waiting, looking forward to your extreme dodgems experience and picturing yourself hefting that trophy on the top of the podium, here’s a little Youtube video of one of these fine experiences in action to give you a feel of what it’s really like.

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