Extreme RIB experience

This is Extreme RIB.
If you thought speedboats were fast, wait till you’ve tried an Extreme RIB. It’s not called White Knuckles on Water for nothing!

This is our featured Extreme RIB experience day

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So what’s an Extreme RIB anyway?

Well RIB stands for Rigid Inflatable Boat, which is more or less what it says.
There’s a rigid frame for strength and safety, then an inflatable section for lightness and extra rigidity. It has the advantages of an inflatable combined with those of a solid boat, and coupled with a monster of an engine, a RIB can really shift.

You can try one of these in loads of places throughout the country within reach of the coast, and there are particularly a lot of them round the Solent – if you want to check them out and find one near you, we’ve listed them all that you can currently buy in the UK below for you.
And all prices are updated every single day, so you can be sure you’re getting the best value available.

These are the same kind of vehicles used for coastal rescue, by the police and armed forces, so you’re not talking toys here.
Read the individual experience information for all the detail, but these trips tend to last for about an hour to an hour and a half. Unless you go for a “taster” which is usually a lot shorter and of course costs a lot less.
We don’t recommend the taster as it’s just too short and you come off wanting more. But if you go for the full thing, by the time it’s finished you’ll be screaming for it to stop (in the nicest possible way, of course!).

You’ll need to wear suitable clothes that will keep you warm at speed and are reasonably waterproof, or you’ll find yourself getting uncomfortably wet. But the operator will supply you with a lifejacket, which once you get some pace on the boat you’ll be glad of!
There’ll be a small party of you on each trip, run by an expert pilot, who’ll usually start by showing you just how manoeuvrable a RIB can be. Turning on a sixpence and whipping in one direction, then the other at amazing speed will blow your mind. And that’s before the main event even starts.
When your skipper opens the throttle, it’s eyeballs out and hanging on for all you’re worth as you blast along at speeds you wouldn’t have imagined possible.

So if you want a leisurely pleasure cruise, you’ve come to the wrong place.
Obviously you’ll need to be reasonably fit and not too much given to nerves to try this fabulous white knuckle water experience, but for the average person it really is something you’ll love and will want to repeat (once you’ve calmed down after the first one!).
Treat yourself, treat somebody you know by buying two tickets and then you can go with them!
So whether it’s for yourself, for a friend, for a loved one, what are you waiting for? Extreme RIB is all the rage and you’re missing out.

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