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Fire engine experience for kids

Fire engine experience for kids
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Sorry, this experience is sold out with all UK providers. but keep an eye out because we’ll update the page as soon as it reappears.

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What kid doesn’t want to drive a fire engine?

Well why not make your kid’s year and let them do exactly that.

Yes, if you’re within reach of Louth in Lincolnshire, which means most of the country apart from the far North and the South West, then kids between 11 and 16 can drive a real fire engine (under professional supervision, of course) and even get to use the hose so they know what putting out a fire is really like.

kids be a fireman for a day

Junior firefighter – drive a real fire engine

The fire engine is fully kitted out,  and even loaded with 2 tonnes of water. You’ll get shown the tricks of the trade in fire engine driving, then test your skill on a special track laid out with roads, roundabouts, T junctions and tricky parts where your ability to manoeuvre the fire engine is tested to the full.

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Imagine the bragging rights that a video of your kid driving a fire engine will bring! And this junior fire engine driver experience will certainly be remembered and talked about for a long time afterwards.

Driving a fire engine is an unusual Christmas gift, not at all like clothes or video games that will be thrown aside and forgotten about long before twelfth night. This kids fire engine experience will give memories to last.

All the other fire engine experiences you’ll find are for 17 year olds and over, so this one is a special little treat that not many people will know about.


Fire engine experience for kids3.66666666667Sarah FirminFire engine driving for kids – this will ring their bell!

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