Flotation tank experience

Our favourite pampering experience with a difference – complete relaxation by floating in the dark !

A flotation tank is really just floating in a dark, quiet pod. The theory is that without any of your senses, it makes your mind wander and focus on itself or something. In reality it’s really a relaxing, and sometimes mind expanding experience. Nothing to see, nothing to her, nothing to feel, just you,floating,timelessly and letting the world go by.
We especially like flotation tanks because it’s a change from the normal massages and saunas you get at pampering days.

So which flotation tank experience?

The flotation tank experiences are pretty similar, and are available up and down the country, so we’d suggest choosing the one nearest to you. Typical locations are London (of course), Lincoln for the Midlands, St Helens on Merseyside, Harrogate in North Yorkshire and Glasgow in Scotland. Note that the Harrogate one is a “dry float” giving the same experience without immersion. So check out each of the experiences listed, make sure it’s what you want and where you want it, then you can book online there and then.
Our real time price checker makes sure the prices are bang up to date so you get the benefit of any special offers while they’re still current.

Floating in a pod – that’s it. It’s a really weird experience but a really relaxing one too. We’d say it’s a fun gift for someone who needs to relax, and would like some time out. If you want something more like a normal spa experience, we’ve reviewed them too in our spa days section.

Two for one on this tank experience is quite a common offer, and we’ll have them in the real time list above as soon as they are available. It’s good to take somebody on the same experience day and be able to talk about what it’s like floating in the pod with somebody else who’s actually done it too. Take a friend or partner and split the cost.

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