Full day golf masterclass

Want the perfect gift for your golf mad partner? The Father’s Day present for the green-mad dad? Well look no further!

If he’s got a handicap (that means he’s not an absolute beginner), then he’ll love this chance to perfect his game under the watchful eye of a qualified PGA professional on this full day masterclass.

Lessons of an hour or so are OK, but a full day with a qualified pro is a different matter entirely and one that’s likely to make a dramatic difference to your performance on the course, from tee to fairway, bunker to green.

Golf masterclass review

Well the first thing is that this isn’t a class for beginners. If you don’t know one end of a club from the 18th hole, then this isn’t the course for you.

It’s aimed at serious golfers who know what’s what, play well enough to have a handicap – any handicap – and are serious about making dramatic strides forward in the quality of their game, be it putting, driving, bunker play or any other facet of play.

There’ll be half a dozen or so on your day, with a PGA pro to yourselves, so you’ll get individual tuition and learn from other people’s faults as well. And we find it’s amazing what you can pick up from watching other people learning how to improve their game.

There’s even a chance to have your game analysed on video, so you’ll see yourself doing it wrong before you see how to do it right!

You’ll start with an introduction and refreshments before your morning tuition, then a break for lunch before the afternoon session.
We were concerned that there would be too much sitting about and waiting or eating rather than getting on with the job, but certainly our experience was that the Pro was as keen to get on with the job as we were, and we didn’t waste much time at all. Everybody on the day’s training is as keen as you are, so it’ll be busy, with a surprising amount of learning and practice crammed into this amazing day.

Golf masterclass as a gift idea

Most weekend golfers are serious, even when they claim not to be, and the men (and women) you know who regularly go out for a round will appreciate this instructional experience, though perhaps they might not think to buy it for themselves.

And to confirm the quality of the tuition and the value of the day, we can honestly say we’ve not come across anyone who wasn’t thrilled by their extended lesson and every single one came away with a new insight into how to improve their technique, playing skills and score.

So whatever the occasion, it really will be a very welcome gift. And as you’ll see, there’s even a version of this experience for two people, so you can go with them, or let them take a friend along.

Note, our real time checker above has all the current full day training courses on offer and is constantly updated as offerings and prices change, so you know you’re getting the best deal. Fore!!

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