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Ghost hunting experience

Ghost hunting experience
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Ghost hunting weekend, or ghost bus tour

Yes we’ve trawled the net and got all the ghostly experiences together. So if you’re looking here,we assume that you believe in ghosts.

Because as far as we are concerned, there are two kinds of people:-
Those who believe in ghosts, and those who’ve not yet seen one.
And if you’ve not seen a ghost yet, then you must have been looking in the wrong place, and this is where our famous ghost walks and tours can come to the rescue.
On these spooky tours, your guides will take you to the places where more timid souls dare not venture and your chances of seeing or experiencing a ghost and supernatural manifestations will never be higher…..

Best ghost hunting experiences

Here are all the ghost trails and hunting experiences, complete with real time pricing and up to the minute details of any offers as they occur. And because this list is comprehensive, this is your one-stop ghost experience shop!

Ghost experience review

So what happens?

The cheapest ghost experience – the Ghost Bus Tour – takes place on a special ghost bus in London and cities throughout the UK, complete with spooky actors, and takes about an hour and a half touring some of the city’s spookiest and most haunted places. It’s intended as a night of scares and fun, and is a good fun introduction to ghost hunting.
More serious ghost hunters can take part in the overnight ghost hunts that are held in a number of the country’s most haunted buildings in such diverse places as Bodmin in Cornwall, Port Talbot in Wales, Chatham and Rochester in Kent, Bolton and Clitheroe in Lancashire, Nottingham, Tamworth in Staffordshire and Bradford in West Yorkshire.

You spend the night with a party of ghost hunters accompanied by a psychic medium and will take part in a number of fascinating psychic experiments, dowsing, and climaxing in a real seance where the psychic will attempt to put you in touch with the souls of the departed.
For those in London, you can choose to spend the night with a psychic and a party of ghost hunters at the infamous London Tombs in the heart of the capital, which are said to be haunted by the spirits of countless unfortunates who were beheaded, as well as plague victims whose poor wracked bodies were consigned to a grisly pit.

Or how about a night in the dreaded Clink, reputedly the country’s oldest prison where barbarous acts without measure tortured to death the wretched souls who are said to haunt this most awful of locations.

You may wish to take a friend and book one of the experiences for two, as your friends will never believe what you’ve seen and heard when you get back.
Are you up for a real ghost hunt?
Or if not, then we’re sure you know just the right person that this ghost experience would make a fantastic gift for.
Good hunting!!

Ghost hunting experience3.4Sarah FirminOvernight ghost hunts and psychic experiments – experience a real seance in some of the country’s most haunted places.

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  1. Sally Anne /

    My other hubbie and I went on a ghost night at Alton Towers – the big old house in the theme park. Running from 9pm until about 4pm, we left shattered and fell into bed – luckily we live nearby so only a 20 min drive home!

    So, the experience, it was fun, scary, bizarre and on balance, I had a good time. There were a lot of people present – more than ten, and we were led through the atmospheric building.

    We were shown techniques which were generally hokum – ouija boards, recordings and the like, but the spookiness and the atmosphere of such a building will lead anyone’s mind to play tricks on them. I’m a real sceptic but wouldn’t want to be on my own in a place like this – just in case lol

    Docked 2 stars because it’s just so tiring, especially if you’re at work the next day, If you’re used to going to bed at 9.30, you’ll have a long night, but if you’re ready for some night time spooky action I’d say snap it up!

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