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Birthday experiences for HIM

Ahhh, Birthdays, Christmas and anniversaries – A time for buying stuff for other people when you’ve got no idea what they want. Well we’re here to help ‘cos we’re pretty sure there’s something on this site that’ll float his boat. and that he’ll remember far beyond a jumper or some  socks or a screwdriver or whatever you were going to get him. He just wouldn’t like that – trust us!

We’re going to be a bit presumptuous and guess what your man likes.

Promise not to hold it against us, but we reckon he doesn’t like girly things like flowers, soap and fluffy slippers. If we’re wrong, then pop over and take a look at our Gift Ideas For HER page – it might be more suitable! We think he’ll like boy stuff like sport, beer and monster trucks. Even if he says he doesn’t it’s all lies.

What about zombies? All men love zombies don’t they. (Not love the actual zombies, with kissing and stuff, but love the concept of zombies, obviously). And the same goes for monster trucks. Anyway, we’ve collected some real beauties here, and we’ve made sure we’ve included some things that you won’t have thought of. That’s the point of giving you gift ideas isn’t it?