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Helicopter flight special offers

Helicopter flight special offers
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Now I know that everybody wants to fly in a helicopter, and that everybody wants a cheap experience, so here’s one specially for all of you.

This page keeps track of all helicopter experience special offers in real time

from the top providers (no sharks here!) so you can nip in quickly and fill your boots.

These offers change all the time, so if there’s one you want, we’d recommend snapping it up straight away before the offer sells out. On the other hand, if there isn’t a special offer you fancy – and you’re sure you don’t need to go to Specsavers!! – then pop back another time and see what there is.

All the helicopter experience special offers

So how do you like that little lot then?

So what’s the deal? Helicopter experience review

Right, first there are lulls in bookings from time to time, and machines need to be kept in the air to pay for themselves. So when one or other location is a bit thin on business, they could offer price reductions or 2 for 1 deals to drum up business.

But since helicopter rides are fabulous experiences, we’d better warn you that there aren’t masses of offers and you can’t rely on one turning up – so take advantage while you can is our advice.

Then, you should bear in mind that while you can get some amazing experiences, the really cheap ones are what they call a “helicopter buzz” which means only five minutes or so in the air. That’s fine if you only want a quick idea what flying in one of these bad boys is like – and it’s like nothing else, believe us.

On the other hand, we think it’s worth that little bit extra to get a proper helicopter sightseeing trip.

Check out the individual offers for the time you’ll get in the air.

Ten or fifteen minutes is not bad, and you can get half an hour or more for under £100 when the right offers are on, so do check them out if there’s one near you. Imagine yourself up in one of these great choppers, looking down on town and fields, getting a view like no other, and have a think how long you’d like to stay up there.

Locations for these experiences

Choppers don’t need runways, so you’ll not be surprised that they’re all over the country.

Portsmouth and London feature highly in the offers as we write this – picture yourself looking down on the London Eye, the Houses of Parliament, the Changing of the Guard – and there’s also great deals on the Cotswolds, the Oxford and Stratford area, and even a fantastic little flight over the Isle of Wight. But as we say, they change often, so keep a weather eye out.

Helicopter experiences as a gift

At these bargain basement prices, these special offers make fantastic gifts, either as stocking fillers at the cheaper end, or as real treats on the longer flights. Now who do you know who’d just LOVE a sightseeing trip in a helicopter – and they wouldn’t know that it was a special offer, either, would they?

And don’t forget that if there are 2 for 1 offers, flights for two are twice as much fun.

The only problem with helicopters is the noise, and for that you’ll be given ear defenders, but that aside our view is that a chopper sightseeing tour is the best kind, as apart from probably setting off from nearer your home than a plane can, you get to go lower, to hover, and the whole business is a lot more manoeuvrable so you get to see the sights you want to, and not to crane your neck looking backwards at what you’ve just flown past.
So we’d recommend giving it a go, and we’re sure you’ll love it.

Helicopter flight special offers4.75Sarah FirminCheapest helicopter experiences – special offers updated in real time – take a breathtaking trip in a chopper

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