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Best Ice Hotel break and visit Dracula’s castle

Best Ice Hotel break and visit Dracula’s castle
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If you’ve always wanted to stay in an Ice Hotel, then this fabulous European break includes not only an overnight stay in one of these marvels of nature, but a visit to the world famous Dracula’s Castle in Transylvania.

Where is the ice hotel?

For most of these icy breaks you have to travel to Lapland, Finland or Sweden. But this particular frozen accommodation is a lot nearer to hand in the fabulous setting that is present day Romania. The luxury break is centred on the historic city of Bucharest, and takes in some of the most picturesque scenery you can imagine, including the fairytale Balea Lake, home of the Hotel of Ice itself.

Who sells Ice Hotel breaks?

They’re sold by the best and most reputable experience providers, and we’ve brought all the available offers together in one place for you, with prices updated in real time so you know you can’t buy cheaper. Check out the details below.


Romania break review

The break lasts five days/four nights, including a one night stay in the Ice Hotel. Arrival and departure are at Bucharest, steeped in legend and history, but note that flights are not included so you’re free to make the arrangements that suit you best.

Your stay will be on bed and breakfast terms, giving you the opportunity to explore the wonderful Romanian cuisine in the restaurants and bistros that you find all around. And of course you’ll have the services of a multilingual guide to bring your Romanian experience to life, and transfers to the different locations are also provided.

After you’ve arrived at Bucharest and settled into your hotel, the following day is taken up with a visit to the famous Bran Castle in Transylvania, home of the fabled Vampire Count Dracula.

Explore the home of the spooky Count, if you dare, and picture the Vampire in his lair. When you see the Castle, you’ll know why Dracula selected it as his bloodsucking HQ!

The next day sees you taken on a tour of the idyllic Balea Lake, some of the most breathtaking scenery you can imagine anywhere, and then on to check in for an overnight stay at the famous Ice Hotel. And yes, as you’d expect, everything is made of ice, so you’ll be wrapped up warmly to ensure you have a surprisingly cosy night’s stay. How many people can say they’ve slept in a hotel made entirely of ice?

The next day sees you back in lovely Bucharest to explore some more of the sights. It really is one of the best breaks we know, and a Romantic break too.

Visit Dracula’s Castle

If you want a shorter hotel break, or don’t want to visit the Ice Hotel this time, then you can also book a shorter Romania break that includes the Castle of Dracula, but without the icy stay. Check out the details below, again with real time pricing from all the merchants who sell it.

And remember, either of these enthralling breaks would make a fantastic gift idea for that special occasion, to give you and your partner the break you deserve, or to say thank you to parents, grown up children or aunts and uncles. You can be sure they’ll love it.

Best Ice Hotel break and visit Dracula’s castle4.375Sarah FirminStay in an Ice Hotel break and visit Dracula’s castle in this fabulous Romania hotel break

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  1. Stephanie /

    Bought my oh one of these for our anniversary as a romantic treat. He wasn’t looking forward to it but we had the best time ever and he even proposed in the ice hotel. Recommended as s fantastic romantic getaway.

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    • John /

      What a nice present to receive, and really something to remember! Better than a toaster or a vacuum cleaner!

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