Indoor skydive – floating over a huge fan

It’s like jumping out of a plane, without all the flying, peril, and expense

These indoor skydiving experiences from Airkix are great fun. None of them lasts a whole day, in fact you’ll be lucky to have a couple of hours, but it’s because you’re really paying for time in the big fan. There are very few of these centres for indoor skydiving in the UK, so all the experience companies tend to offer the same experiences, just packaged differently, and at different prices. In this review we’ve weighed up the different experiences, and given you a price comparison of all the ones from the top experience providers on the net.. You even get a DVD of you getting blown about to take home with you.

Here are all the ones there are on the net, updated in real time so you can compare prices.

So why an ‘extended’ experience?
Yeah, we don’t usually fall for the bigger experiences that charge loads of cash for not much more, but this indoor sky diving experience is one of the exceptions. With indoor sky diving, it’s all about the time, and that’s why we’ve maked the ratings down a bit.

With the normal experience, you get two 1 minute flights – that’s just 120 seconds of floating on the fan. Now this is the experience we went on, and by the end of the second dive, you’re really getting used to it. It’s a shame then when you’re just enjoying it and you’ve got to go home.

The extended indoor sky diving experience is exactly the same, but you’ve got four 1-minute skydives. This means that you’ve got more chances to get used to it, enjoy it, master it. The experts at the centre says the process of new jumpers goes something like:

  • First jump – Blimey this is weird, I’m getting blown everywhere
  • Second jump – More in control and getting used to it
  • Third jump – Experimenting with what you can do – zooming in complete control
  • Fourth jump – I can do it! How cool is this ?!

When we went on the shorter experience, we had a second jump where we got to the stage of being in control and enjoying it, and then we had to go home :-(. Now don’t get us wrong, 2 jumps is still great fun, and if it’s just a taster you want, it’s cheaper (half price), but if you want a real enlightening experience, go for the extended indoor skydive.

What are the locations?
There are two places you can use this experience voucher in – Either Manchester or Milton Keynes in Buckinghamshire. The facilities are really rare in the UK, so we think it’s good that the locations are within reach of most of the population. Maybe an hour or two’s drive, but it’s worth it.

In summary
You pay for what you get, at roughly £25 per minute. How long you’d like to do it for is up to you.

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  • January 4, 2013 at

    Your right about how short it is. Probably not worth if for just the one jump – it’s over before you know it.

    Great fun though so its good for a longer experience if you can afford it. or if there are any deals going.

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