JCB driving experiences

Go on, admit it, you’ve always longed to drive a JCB. It’s big, it’s heavy, what more could you ask for?

This is our most popular JCB experience day

Or if you prefer, here is the full list of JCB experiences to choose from.

Can I drive a real live JCB?

You certainly can! They’re JCBs just as you see them straight off the building site. Digging, moving, backfilling – you can try your hand at the lot. There are even a few JCB racing experiences if that’s more your style!

You will need to be at least 17 though and to show a full valid driving licence. After all, if you’re a complete novice to driving, you’re not likely to master one of these bad boys in a hurry.

What happens on a JCB experience?

There’ll be a handful of others on the experience with you, supervised usually by one instructor to every four JCBs. Your instructor will show you how to work the machine without killing yourself or anybody else, and give you the lowdown on all the things that this big beast can do. You’ll be surprised how straightforward it is, once you get the knack. Who knows, it might even lead to a whole new career in construction for you!!

Give a JCB experience for Christmas, or that special birthday or anniversary.

Yes, it’s quite the thing now to give experience gift vouchers instead of the more traditional sweaters, socks and bath salts. And you can rest assured that it will be so much more appreciated. Think about it, you’re bound to know somebody who’s just a big kid at heart and would love to have a crack at a JCB. And remember, this is just as popular with either sex, so feel free to give them in pairs.

Or how about a bunch of you going JCB driving together – compare your skills, learn from each other, have a brilliant time! It’s got to be more fun than a night down the local bars again!

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