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Llama experience – enjoy a llama trek with tea

Llama experience – enjoy a  llama trek with tea
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So you fancy a llama trek ? Well you’ve come to the right place. Llamas are famed for being beautiful, handsome, graceful creatures, but on our llama walk their antics just had us in stitches. We never knew they could be so funny!

Where can I take a llama experience ?

Current locations are Towcester Northamptonshire, Sidmouth Devon, and Hereford Herefordshire.

So that means that you’re well catered for and within easy reach of a llama trek experience in quite a lot of the UK. And if like us you really love llamas, then you’ll gladly travel that bit further and make a bit of a holiday of it.

Here are the very best up to the minutek prices – choose your experience

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So what happens on a llama trek – can I ride one?

Certainly not! These kindly, gentle creatures will carry your rucksack, but they’re definitely not for riding. You walk along with a group of other people and lamas, leading your friendly animal along with you as they’re very social creatures and love being with others of their own kind and people too. They’re very friendly and you won’t believe how soft their wool is and how expressive their faces. They respond as you talk to them, and take a hilarious interest in whatever you’re doing and what is going on. It’s a lot better than having a dog.

And llamas have all the time in the world, so they walk along at a pace that practically anybody can keep up with. If 2 miles an hour means anything to you, then that’s about their pace – a relaxing gentle stroll – so this laid-back experience would be an original gift idea even for a fit elderly relative.

But, that said, we don’t know anybody who doesn’t like them and wouldn’t love spending an afternoon llama trekking.

Some of the llama experiences include a fabulous cream tea en route (don’t worry, you don’t have to share it with them) and others invite you to take your own picnic along. Check out the details on the individual links above to see which kind you prefer, though obviously it costs a bit more if there’s food as well.

Good points:

  • There’s lots of llamas and you get to spend a couple of hours walking close to them and interacting. We just love them.
  • Experienced keepers come with you, to explain lots of good stuff about llamas, show you how to handle them, and make your trek a fascinating experience. They’re nearly as good as the llamas
  • We took lots of photos and videos to remember our trak by, which was brilliant

Bad points :

  • Just the one drawback that we saw, really. Locations are a bit limited, and while a llama trek is worth a drive, it would have been nice not to have to travel down south for it.

On the whole, it’s a good and cheap day out, and a brilliant chance to get closer to and find out more about these fabulous animals.

And a llama trek for the whole family makes it even more fun. There are trek experiences for one, two or four people, and families are welcome (over age 6).

Llama experience – enjoy a llama trek with tea3.75Sarah FirminLlama trek experience – spend a fabulous afternoon in the company of llamas, walk alongside these lovely gentle creatures and find out just how quirky and inquisitive these intelligent creatures are. This is an experience you’ll treasure.

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