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Luxury Paris breaks for two

Luxury Paris breaks for two
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Looking for the ultimate Romantic Break? The very best luxury break? The best Valentine’s gift idea?
Then look no further! You’ve found it right here.

When it comes to Romance with a capital R, Paris is the romantic capital of the world. Picture yourself and your loved one in this famous city, the Seine flowing gently by, the floodlit Eiffer tower in the background, the mouthwatering French cuisine. Imagine the rejuvenating effect this break for two could have on your relationship, putting new joy in being together in this most romantic of cities.

Which are the best Paris breaks?

We’ve brought them all together for you in one place for you to compare. And even better, our real time price comparison shows you the absolute latest low prices and special offers, so you know you can’t buy cheaper. Check out this premier selection of romantic breaks for two in Paris, and when you’ve found the one for you, then you can book there and then to avoid disappointment.



What kind of Paris breaks are there?

There are short or longer breaks in Paris to appeal to all.
If you can’t spare the time for an overnight stay in this legendary location, then how about a day trip to Paris on Eurostar, travelling over early morning and delighting in a leisurely romantic gastronomic lunch as you cruise gently down the famous river Seine in the heart of the city?

Then see some of the sights with the one you love before it’s time to go back home.
For a little longer in the city of dreams, try an overnight break in a superb hotel with a sumptuous dinner in one of Paris’s many intimate restaurants. And don’t forget the relaxing river cruise and the sightseeing tour of the city’s highlights. Eurostar travel is included, of course.

Then if you want to extend your romantic break just a little bit longer (and this is our favourite and the Paris break we recommend), spend two nights at your leisure with the one you love in Paris on a two night break.

You’ll travel over by Eurostar, stay in a superb hotel, dine with your loved one in a choice of delightful intimate restaurants, full of atmosphere and ambience, luxuriate in a river cruise floating timelessly in the dusk along the romantic Seine in the very heart of the capital, take a sightseeing tour of some of the wonders that Paris has to offer, and still have some time to yourselves to recreate the first flushes of your romance and grow closer and more in love.

Picture the sights and sounds of Paris, the aroma of freshly baked bread, of coffee as only the French can make it. Imagine snuggling down in an intimate restaurant, enjoying unforgettable food served by attentive but discreet waiters whose only wish is to serve, and all this in company with the one person in the world you’d want to experience it with.

Paris break review

This hand-picked selection of exclusive breaks in Paris has something for everybody and to suit all tastes. They all contain the essential ingredients for an unforgettable romantic break for two, and differ mainly in how long you spend in that lovely city.

The disadvantage is that they all cost more than a bunch of petrol station flowers! But then if that’s the limit of your romantic aspirations, you’re in the wrong place.

When it comes to romance, you get what you pay for, and all of these breaks, from the day trip to Paris through to the full two night city break with luxurious dinner cruise, are excellent value for money. Some couples like to plan romantic trips and choose their Paris break together. But we find that many other people love to surprise their partner with a short holiday like this, and we can see why. Imagine the delight on the face of your loved one as you thrilled them with one of these fantastic breaks as a surprise Valentine present, birthday present or just as a gift to say “I love you“.

Luxury Paris breaks for two4.25Sarah FirminA luxury Paris break is the ultimate Valentine experience gift, and the perfect way to show your love. We’ve found some great prices for experience trips to Paris.

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