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Meerkat pictures of the day

As you probably know, we’re crazy about meerkats here at Best Experiences. You can find our meetkat experiences here.

We’ve just found these pictures of meerkats and we knew that you’d love them too. They’re clearly not based at one of the UK animal parks that run meerkat experiences, but it gives you an idea of the cheekyness of these brilliant animals.

Meerkats don’t sit still while you photograph them!

The hardest job for any wildlife photographer is usually getting close enough to the animals to get the perfect picture. But with meerkats, the hard part is not getting too close!

These brilliant meerkats used Will Burrard-Lucas as a lookout post as he spent six days photographing wildlife in the Makadikgadi region of Botswana.














To see more pictures he captured during his time with the Meerkats, you can see Burrard-Lucas’ blog by clicking here. You can also following him on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Image credits: Photographs by Will Burrard-Lucas


We want his job!

What a brilliant job he’s got eh? sitting in the sun covered in mischievous meerkats. But for those of us who aren’t as lucky, there are plenty of meerkats in UK zoos and wildlife parks. It’s not usually that hot and sunny here though.

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