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Microlight flying experiences – fly a microlight

Microlight flying experiences – fly a microlight
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A microlight is a cross between a hang glider and a little plane. You’re soaring and turning underneath the gliding wing, but but with a propeller to drive you and without any of the encumbrance of being in an airplane. And since you’ve got an engine, you can stay aloft for much much longer and you’re free to choose where you go rather than having to search for thermals. And if you’re new to the microlight, you wouldn’t believe how zippy this little beauty is.

Review of microlight experiences

Many people ask me How old do you have to be to enjoy a flight in a microlight? Surprisingly, you only have to be 14 so one of these would make a fantastic gift for the kid who has everything.

So what happens on your experience?

Well it’s all very easy. You turn up and your experienced instructor shows you round your craft and the basics of flying it. It’s not like a full blown airplane so there’s not a lot to learn.

Then it’s chocks away and you’re up in the air with your instructor at the controls. And once you’ve got used to the fabulous sensation of flying in this fantastic little bad boy, then you take over the controls yourself and put it through its paces. But be warned, flying a microlight is so much fun that you may well become addicted!

Basically, these experiences all take the same form, and are divided into short ones (20 to 30 minutes in the air) and longer ones (60 minutes in the air). The shorter ones are cheaper, of course, but if you’re anything like us, once you’re up in the air on your 30 minute trip, you’ll wish you’d bought the 60 minute one!

We’ve brought all the microlight experiences in the UK in one place for you, to make choosing yours easy. And we update prices in real time so you can be sure you’re getting the very cheapest experience there is. Click on the link below for the one you fancy, check out the details and you can buy online there and then.

And remember, we only deal with the most reputable experience providers, so you can be sure of a quality experience and real value for money.


Shorter microlight flights – 20 to 30 minutes

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So that’s all the shorter flights, which are a fantastic introduction to the art of microlightery (we just made that word up, but once you’ve tried it, you’ll think it ought to be a real word!).

If you’re realise already what fun it can be, then check out the longer 60 minute microlight flying sessions below. You’ll be glad you did.


Hour long microlight flights

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Microlight flight locations

The really good thing about this is that you can take a microlight flight in so many places, so there should be one to suit you. Locations at the time of writing include :

Armagh NI (Portadown), Bedfordshire (Sandy), Cambridgeshire (Peterborough or Ely) , Cornwall (Camelford), Cumbria (Glassonby), Derbyshire (Ashbourne), Devon (Umberleigh), East Sussex (Brighton), East Yorkshire (Hull, Beverley), Essex (Harlow), Hampshire(Popham), Herefordshire (Leominster), Kent (Rochester), Lancashire (Lancaster), Lincolnshire (Wickenby), North Yorkshire (York), Northamptonshire (Sywell), Northumberland (Felton), South Yorkshire (Belton), Surrey (Camberley), Strathclyde (Strathaven), West Midlands (Stourbridge), and Wiltshire (Marlborough).

But make sure you check before you buy incase they have changed!

At these prices, and with such availability, we’re finding this is proving a very popular gift idea. Imagine how you’ll feel giving a real present instead of the usual socks, perfumes, sweaters or Xbox games. And imagine how the lucky flyer will feel – whether they’re young and looking for something to brag about back at school or college, or whether they’re older but with a sense of adventure and on the lookout for new thrills.

But that’s after you’ve booked your own experience of course! Charity begins at home they say, especially when it comes to giving great adventure experiences.


Microlight flying experiences – fly a microlight4.5Sarah FirminFly a microlight – take the controls of this brilliant little flying machine, on these half-hour or hour-long experiences. A fantastic gift idea too.

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