Murder mystery experience – be your own Poirot or Miss Marple

Sick of watching sleuths on TV and thinking you could do better?
Moaning about Miss Marple not being on the ball?
Protesting that Poirot is just not up to scratch?
Well this is your chance to prove how good a detective you are.

So what’s it all about then?

What it’s all about is that you join a bunch of other people for drinks and a sumptuous lunch or dinner, some of these people are actors – though you don’t know which ones. And then out of the blue a “murder” takes place – yes one of your fellow guests is done away with before your very eyes (or nearly) and you have to solve the crime and identify the murderer.
You’ll be able to pick out straight away some of the actors, but keep a close eye on your fellow guests as they may not all be what they seem.

You get to join in the interviewing of the suspects – will you know the right questions to ask and avoid being sidetracked by the red herrings? Oh yes, there are fake trails aplenty to lead you away from the real perpetrator and towards some totally innocent party, so you’ll need your wits about you.
Did the butler really do it this time, or was it that attractive woman with the air of mystery?
Professor Plum with the spanner in the conservatory has nothing on the real thing (and if you don’t know who that is, then you’ve never played Cluedo

Check out below the choices you have for your murder mystery puzzle – all of them from the top experience providers so you’re sure to have the best time and get the very best value for money.

What kind of experiences are there?

If you’ve had a look at just some of those in the list above, then you’ll see that whatever kind of sleuthing experience you want, it’s there.
You and your partner can take a relaxing weekend break at a high class hotel, seeing the sights, savouring the cuisine, chillaxing and joining in the murder adventure during your stay.
Or if you prefer, there’s an overnight stay with foul deeds and catching the criminal included. You’ll probably gather for drinks and dinner with the other would-be detectives along with the victim and suspects, so it’s never too early to start asking questions, staying alert and gathering clues.
Or there’s an afternoon crime solving experience on the fabulous British Pullman where you get the luxury, the food and the murder included in the one day. And this is a popular choice for people on their own where you should feel more than welcome in joining the other passengers to unmask the villain.

You’ll find that most of these events hark back to the time of your favourite Agatha Christie novels, the time of maids, butlers, Lords and Ladies, so your escapism is well heightened and the adventure becomes that much more fun. You take a trip back to the Good Old Days and you can be sure you’ll have the time of your life.
But don’t think that because you’ve thoroughly enjoyed one of these fabulous jaunts, that you know whodunnit and can solve it easily next time. Because you probably won’t. The experiences, victims and villains change about regularly, and some lucky participants get to make murder mystery experiences a regular part of their leisure time, going several times a year with just more enjoyment each time than the last.

What a gift idea!

These take place throughout the year, regardless of the season or weather, so they make ideal gifts for Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries and special occasions. And as that special surprise for the partner who has everything, you couldn’t do better than take them on this never to be forgotten adventure.

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