Off road biking experience

This experience is ideal if you’ve always fancied trials biking, blazing your powerful two-wheeler through forests, over hill and dale, through mud, gravel and all that nature has to throw at you. And all without having to clean your bike afterwards!

What off road biking days are there?

As you’ll see, this experience is a pretty exclusive one, but we’ve pulled together in one place all those on the net for you.
As new ones come on the market, they will appear here first, so if you can’t find the one you want, check back.

Off road biking review

Do I need a motor bike licence?
In some locations, you do need to show a current motor bike licence. But in others, you don’t need a licence or even much experience, and kids over 12 can enjoy this dirt bike day out. And there’s no upper age limit provided you’re fit enough to survive the rigours of several hours thrashing your bike over all kinds of terrain.
So if you’ve not got a bike licence, then check on the individual experiences above just to make sure. But be warned that obviously you’ll need to be pretty confident on two wheels, as if you can’t handle your machine on the straight road, then you certainly won’t be able to take it over rough terrain and the day will be a waste of time for you.

But if you can handle a typical small motor bike on the road, then the instructors will teach you all you need to know to convert this into successful fun off-roading and give you a two-wheel day to remember.

Do I need to take my own bike?
No you don’t.
A modern, purpose-built motor bike is provided for the day, along with a suit, helmet, boots and gloves. So all you need to take is some old clothes to wear underneath, and a change of clothes for when you’ve finished, as off-road biking is a dirty business and you’re sure to come out of the day happy but in need of a good wash.

So what happens on this experience day then?
Your day will last roughly five or six hours and will start with the getting you kitted out in your off road gear and getting a safety briefing so that you enjoy the day safely.
Your instructor will have a group of up to ten of you for the day, and will explain and teach you the secrets of off roading on two wheels as he takes you through a variety of challenging terrains where you can put the bike and yourself through your paces.
Apart from a short lunch break, you’ll find this day is all action, so be prepared. And as well as having an exhilarating time, you’ll emerge from this course a very much better motorcyclist than when you started.
It’s fun, instructive, and dirty. What more could you ask?

And don’t forget that this activity experience day would make a fantastic gift idea for the man (or woman) who’s confident on a bike and would relish the chance of a really fun, challenging day out.
From teenager to adult to more mature adult, this day will appeal to anyone with a sense of adventure who doesn’t mind getting muddy.

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