One Year tastecard Membership review and cheapest offer

Here’s a bargain offer for one year Tastecard membership. And it’s a great saving on top of the savings you get from the card itself. For yourself, for a loved one, for a friend, or why not buy one for each of you and make great cash savings every time you eat out??

The idea behind it is you get fifty per cent off, or a two for one deal, on meals (except drinks) at over 5,500 restaurants the length and breadth of the UK. That’s quite a saving, especially for people who like to eat out a lot. If you use it somewhere expensive it can pay for itself the first time you use it – especially if you get the special deal we’ve found.

How it works

First you check out the comprehensive website where you get full details of the many quality restaurants available to you, and confirmation of the discounts. Then you ring up and reserve your table, quoting your membership number, and that’s job done!

You turn up for a fantastic meal and receive great discounts on your gourmet experience. What could be simpler?

What we like about Tastecard

  1. We were impressed by the level of savings available – 50% is quite a chunk off the bill
  2. For big cities, there are plenty of high quality restaurants, as well as loads of the familiar chains such as Cafe Rouge, Bella Italia, Pizza Express
  3. It’s really easy to use

What we don’t like

  1. There are a few rules about when you can use it – mainly at peak periods
  2. If you live in the middle of nowhere, with no restaurants about, you won’t have much choice about where to use it
  3. It makes you go out more and get fatter 🙂

Our verdict

We think it’s great – If you’re happy to play by the rules it’s an amazing bargain. It’s clear that the restaurants use it to get customers in on quiet nights, but there’s nothing wrong with that. We see it as a win-win situation, cheap food for us, more custom for the restaurants.

It’s also a nice gift to give someone – a whole year of cheap nights out

This fantastic dining discount card is an essential companion for all food connoisseurs, or for anybody who eats out at all. Check out the special deal now.

5 thoughts on “One Year tastecard Membership review and cheapest offer

  • April 15, 2012 at

    TASTECARd is good if card holders follow the rules
    I am a restaurant owner in Marple, Cheshire. I joined taste card in February this year and so far tastecard has brought us a lot of new customers. We offer 50% discount from our a la carte menu on a starter and main or main and dessert and the response has been fabulous. I know it is a big discount to give but it works if you do a resonable volume. We offer the taste card all day Sunday to Thursday and it is available all day, the only restriction we apply is to pre-book in advance as we only accept 20 covers per service and we don’t accept the card on Friday and Saturday. Up to now every diner we had with the tastecard has spent an average of £28.00 per head, I would rather have 20 extra covers per service on weekdays paying £28.00 per head than having four or five tables only spending the full average. I think as a restaurateur if members look carefully at the terms and conditions of restaurant members they have a very good deal with this discount card. Please TASTECARD keep promoting your service.
    Thank you.

    • April 15, 2012 at

      Hi Felix and thanks for the comment.
      It’s good to know that the Tastecard benefits both sides – customer and restaurant alike .
      We all love the Tastecard here at Bestexperience and the take-up on our fantastic offer has quite taken our breath away.
      There are a lot of savvy people out there taking advantage of it, and we hope that some of them come your way too!

      John at Bestexperience

  • March 19, 2012 at

    Thanks for the offer. I’ve had a taste card for 2 years and paid £70 a year, so I’ll be cancelling my subscription for next year and using the above link (if it’s still available). Absolutely love the membership, worked out I’ve saved over £1,000 in the last couple of years, so highly recommended. Good review too

  • March 19, 2012 at

    Another bad thing about the tastecard scheme is that they will automatically renew your card, so be warned read the emails and phone and cancel well before your card is due to expire if you do not wish the card for year upon year.

    • March 20, 2012 at

      Thanks Penny, that’s a good point.
      With this offer, they don’t have your credit card details so they can’t go ahead and renew your card without your permission. I’m sure they’ll hassle you a lot though if they’ve got your details!

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