Owl experience day

If you like birds of prey , then an owl experience is something really special.
There are quite a few sessions devoted just to owls where you get to handle the bird and fly it from your glove, thrilling to the eerie silence as it swoops and flashes through the air.

Here are all the owl experiences from the top experience companies brought together in one place for you so you can compare what they offer and compare prices. And we keep them updated in real time.

If you check out the experiences above, you’ll see that there are owl handling experiences available in many different parts of the UK, and sessions of different length depending on what you’re looking for.
There is even owl handling in the evening available, which is when you can expect your owl to be at his keenest and most aware (though some species of owl do hunt during the daytime too, the majority use their huge eyes to pinpoint their prey through the hours of dusk and darkness.

Owl experience day review

While there are differences in the detail, all of the owling experiences have a few basics in common.

You get to meet a bird of prey keeper, who’s skilled in handling owls and can tell you all you want to know about these legendary birds and their way of life. Did you know for example that an owl’s eyes take up most of the room inside it’s skull, so there’s not a lot of room left for its brain? Or that an owl can turn its head through almost 360 degrees?
And you’ll find that most of these keepers are so passionate about falconry that they have their own birds at home and fly them in their spare time as well.

You’ll learn all about owls and then get introduced to the owls. Then you’ll be given a falconry glove (far thicker than a normal glove to resist those wicked talons) and learn how to to fly them – having them swoop from on high onto your glove, and take off.
Each of the locations has a different collection of owls, with most having a wide range, from the barn owl to some of the massive eagle owls that look down on you with their beady eyes as though eyeing you up for lunch.

The birds are surprisingly willing to land on your glove and take off from there, even though they’ve never seen you before – but the secret is small titbits which the keeper will pass you to hold in your gloved hand and which the bird can see from far off. So he’s actually following food, not you!
You get to spend quite a long time with your owl, and for deadly killers in the wild, these fellows are very tame when handled properly.

Owl experience as a gift idea

Because handling these fantastic birds is as exciting for older folk as it is for kids, then we find that it makes a superb gift idea for all ages. There’s no physical skill required, your keeper is there to supervise all the time, and the thrill of having your feathered friend land on your glove, at speed, in total silence just has to be experienced to be believed. If you’re buying for kids though, just check for any minimum age restrictions on the one you choose.
Whether it’s for yourself or as a gift, you’ll need someone along to record the event on video for posting on Youtube, as this is an animal experience, an unusual experience, that will live in the memory for years to come.

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