Pizza Making Experiences

There’s not much that beats a perfectly cooked pizza. It’s one of the simplest dishes but there are plenty of pitfalls, as well as tricks of the trade to make the perfect pizza.

This is your most popular Pizza Making experience day

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Get the Chianti ready, it’s a great accompaniment to your own hand-made pizza.


Why do I need this when I’ve got my local takeaway on speed dial?

You sound exactly the kind of person that these classes are aimed at! You’re quite content with mass-produced pizzas made by somebody else and delivered not quite as hot as you’d like them.
But once you’ve mastered the art of fresh pizza and learn how to make a pizza just how you want it to be, and discovered the amazing difference between the shop-bought one and the home made, we’re pretty sure that your speed dial will be one number less!!
And it really is easy – no previous cookery experience is required.

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What happens on a pizza making experience?

Probably the most important part is that at the end of the class, you get to taste your own, hand-made pizza piping hot straight out of the oven!
This will be the revelation that convinces you you’ll never pick up the phone and order a takeaway again!

You’ll probably start with an introduction to pizza and sharing some of the secrets of what makes a really top class pizza.
And take our word for it, cos we know, it’s a lot simpler than you think.
You’ll cover the making of perfect dough, the shaping and stretching of your dough to turn it into a pizza base, and how to make the perfect topping.
You’ll then put it all into practice under the watchful eye of your pizza expert and marvel as you enjoy your very own home made pizza straight out of the oven.
And because there’ll be a few others with you keen to learn all the pizza secrets, tips and tricks, you’ll probably make some new friends too!

How about a pizza making class as a novel gift idea?

Who doesn’t like pizza? And who wouldn’t really want to learn how to master the art of creating their very own hand made pizzas at home?
Right! Practically everybody you know would appreciate being given one of these little treasures at their very next Christmas/birthday/anniversary.
So get in there! That’s your gift lists sorted for the next year at least!!

ps, The leaning tower of Pisa has noting at all to do with pizzas 🙂

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