Prepare for the end of the world

So as you probably know, the world is due to end on 21 Dec 2102.

Maya mask. Stucco frieze
Maya mask. Stucco frieze

It’s all to do with a bonkers prophecy from the Mayans in Mexico, where their calendar abruptly ends on that date.  Here’s a bit more info about it if you want to know more:

From the Daily Mail and from the guardian

We reckon we’re probably safe up here in Leeds, and walking round the city centre on a Saturday night you’d be forgiven for thinking that the world had already ended. And don’t get us started on nearby Bradford.

Obviously this leaves us with a quandary  While some of us are excitedly counting down the days until the sweet release of death, plenty of other people are not too keen on the impending apocalypse.

So we think it’s best to plan ahead, in case you’re lucky enough not to be engulfed in a fiery torrent. And we’ve found some brilliant experience days to make sure you or your loved ones are ready for the end of the world.

fight a zombie1 – Learn to fight zombies

Depending on how the world ends, there are going to be plenty of zombies, mutants and monsters trying to eat your brains. Luckily, we’ve found some zombie fighting experience days to help you in the event of an uprising of the undead. You wouldn’t be using real ammo like you will at the end of the world, but you’ll be shooting hideous zombies in a bid to wipe out the terrible threat of becoming a zombie yourself.

you can see our zombie experiences here >>


2 – Brush up on your survival skills.

In the future, after the apocalypse, you’ll need to look after yourself – there’s no Subway or Cheese Strings after the day of Reckoning. Assuming you’re left behind in a living hell, it wouldn’t hurt to have a few survival skills to help you along the way. Obviously Ray Mears will become king in this future dystopia, but you could become one of his eager disciples , helping to build huts, find edible plants and kill rabbits with a shoe.

These experiences will be useful for the following scenarios:

  1. You avoid the zombies and do not become one yourself
  2. You become a zombie yourself, but unusually you’re still capable of a bit of cognitive thought and remember stuff from before you were a zombie
  3. There are no zombies

We’ve found some survival and army experiences here >>


3 – Learn some driving tricks

You know how in Mad Max, all the world becomes an inhospitable desert that looks like the Australian Outback? You could certainly benefit from some off-road driving experience in difficult conditions – why not try an off-road driving experience now, so you’re prepared for a petrol-driven battle to the death?

All the off-road experiences are here >>


Are you prepared 2012?
Are you prepared 2012?

Can you think of any other experiences or skills that it would be useful to brush up on? Let us know if you think of any and we’ll try to find some training


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