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Primate keeper for a day – a heartwarming monkey experience

Primate keeper for a day – a heartwarming monkey experience
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If you want your monkey experience to be more than just a quick visit; if you want your day to help you understand and find out all about these fascinating little chaps, then these could be the experiences for you.

This week’s best primate experience

This is the cheapest experience at the best location – Cornwall’s ‘Monkey Sanctuary’ is an amazing place and we’re happy to recommend it as our best buy.

Check out the available primate days below, with ourĀ price comparison giving you bang up to date best prices.

Primate experience review

There are two main kinds of monkey day, so make sure you get the right one for you.

The first kind is becoming a primate keeper for a day at a monkey sanctuary at Looe in Cornwall where you join one of the keepers for a full day’s work in this place of refuge for rescued woolly monkeys and capuchins. But since the aim of the place is to give these poor little souls as near a natural life as possible, you probably won’t actually have any contact with them. And you certainly won’t have them climbing over you or taking food from your hand. So if you want the close up and personal rather than understanding the life of a keeper, then this one is NOT for you.

The second kind is where you accompany a keeper in a wildlife park or zoo environment and find out all about different species of monkey, with less of the mundane keeper work and you actually get to handle some of the smaller primates.

Although shadowing the keeper for a day sounds less thrilling at first, since you don’t get to hold and cuddle the little chaps, what we find is that visitors find it far more satisfying than the other type of monkey-feeding day. You get to see how they really live, what they’re like when they’ve not been domesticated, and to do some real rewarding work towards rehabilitating these rescued little fellows and giving them a quality of life they haven’t known before.
You’ll get to know the keeper on a one-to-one basis, find out the highs and lows of caring for little primates, and end your experience day dirty, tired and exhausted but feeling that you’ve done a really worthwhile day’s work. And how many of us can say that?

Because this experience is sometimes available for two, you and a friend or partner can share the care, and you’ll find that this common shared animal day will give you warm memories for years to come.

On the other hand, if you’ve a family of four, or a party of four like-minded monkey-lovers, then the close-up hands-on monkey experience day with a keeper dedicated to your private party will be a fascinating day out and give you plenty of photo opportunities and loads to talk about.

Your keeper will take your round to the various primate communities, telling you tales and facts about your furry friends, and there’ll be a fantastic entertaining up close and personal encounter with a bunch of furry primate rascals.

So the choice is yours. Check out both types, read the reviews left by other animal lovers, and then decide. You’ll get the best prices whichever you decide, so can book online with confidence.

But a final note of caution: Don’t write off the keeper for a day at the sanctuary simply because you don’t get to cuddle a woolly monkey. Many people turn up not realising there’s no monkey-holding on this day and are initially disappointed, but all end up saying they’ve had one of the most rewarding days of their lives.
And how often can you say that?

Primate keeper for a day – a heartwarming monkey experience3.25AdminPrimate keeper for a day at a monkey sanctuary, or up close and personal at a wildlife park – it’s a top animal experience

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  1. Toby ward /

    Be careful what you choose. I went on a cheap monkey tour and really it was just a walk round a zoo with a dozen other people, while a zookeeper chatted a bit about the monkeys. I see you don’t show these here, so well done.

    But what you’ve got here is the proper experiences, where you get to interact with the monkeys and primates, just like their keeper. These Keeper For a day are more expensive, but you really get what you pay for.

    5 stars for monkey keeper experiences, 2 stars for cheap monkey tours

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    5 / 5 found this review helpful.

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