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Private tour of the Eden project

Private tour of the Eden project
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The Eden project is famous worldwide as the place where you can visit the different continents of the world all in one place without leaving England.
Set in St Austell in Cornwall, this eco project’s huge domes, or “biomes” as they’re called feature such wonders as a real rainforest, but indoors, with lofty lookout platforms above the treetops, or a Mediterranean haven with climate to match.

But to make the most of this fascinating place of wonders, we find that a guidebook is not enough – you’ll just miss too much – which is why we recommend the private tour of the biome with your own personal guide.
You’ll be escorted round the tropical rainforest biome for an hour and a half, with your professional guide explaining and answering questions as you go.

It really is the only way to make your visit as rewarding as it deserves to be.
So check them out below – they’re offered through different experience suppliers and we’ve brought them all together here for you with real time pricing..

Or for just straightforward admission tickets to the Eden project at the best prices, check out below:

but from experience, we do find that making your own way round a resource as rich and diverse as the Eden project misses so much, and our recommendation is that the little extra that a private tour costs will pay dividends.

And remember that there’s much much more to the Eden project than ecology – there’s an ongoing continuous programme of events, in the evening there are bands and gigs to enjoy, and in the winter there’s even an ice rink.
So this after your personal tour, you’ll have a dizzying amount of wonderful activities to fill your day with fun and enjoyment. They’ve put a lot of effort into making your visit rewarding whatever your tastes, and we’re sure you’ll find something to grab your fancy when you go and come away not only more well informed, but with memories and pictures of a really good day out.

So for couples or families alike – and the Eden project is certainly family-friendly – this is an experience to be savoured and remembered for a long time.

Or why not let us show your own video of your visit? Just send us the Youtube link and we’ll have a look at putting it up on here for you!

Private tour of the Eden project3.5Sarah FirminPrivate tour of the Eden project – the biomes explained personally to you by the experts

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