Rage Room Experiences – Let it all hang out

Rage Rooms are the newest craze to hit the streets and they’re so awesome you wouldn’t believe it without seeing it!

This is our most popular rage room experience days

Lose those inhibitions and spend some time setting about everything in sight with a baseball bat.

Check out this. list of all the ones available in the UK at the moment, and find one near you.
If you can’t find one, then keep coming back as this exciting new experience day is rocketing in popularity and there are more of them on offer every week.

What happens on a rage room experience?

Perfect for groups of friends or for families, this experience invites you to spend half an hour doing your worst with a baseball bat on a selection of breakable object.

You put on the protective suit and the goggles, pick up your bat and away you go.
Things to break are offered ranging from old computers, glassware and crockery, in fact you could get almost anything, and whatever you get deserves no mercy!

Boss annoyed you? OH annoyed you? Just annoyed in general and wanting to take it out on something?
Then the Rage Room is the thing for you.

AND remember when a birthday, anniversary or other special day comes round that one of these makes a fantastic gift idea for a friend or relative – young or old makes no difference so long as they’re annoyed – and who isn’t these days?.

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