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Recording studio experience – make a CD or pop video

Recording studio experience – make a CD or pop video
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After seeing some of the rubbish that got through to the final of the last X Factor, I bet you’re thinking “I could sing better than that“! Well this is your chance to show them how it’s done.

In fact this recording experience is for anybody and everybody who thinks they’ve got a bit of a talent for singing and wants to have their voice professionally mixed and recorded on CD to impress your family and friends – or even use as a demo to get your big break with a record company.

Some of them are only available in London, but the mid-range experiences are available in a load of locations nationwide, so there’s bound to be one near you.

What’s the best recording studio experience?

Check them out below. We’ve brought you ALL the net’s recording studio experiences in one place.



Click on the link to check out the details and you can buy there and then knowing that you’re buying only from the most reputable experience companies.

What happens in the recording session? Recording experience review

The most basic and cheapest experiences will give you an hour of studio time with an experienced recording engineer. You’ll get to choose your backing track – or you can take one with you if you prefer. Then you’ll rehearse one song under the sound engineer’s guidance, taking advantage of his professional tips and secrets, to lay down your own vocal track. You’ll then help him mix the track and burn your completed track to a CD for you to take away with you.

An hour might sound like a long time for one song, but you’d better have practised your song beforehand and have a pretty good idea on presentation and interpretation so you don’t waste your precious studio time. Time flies when you’re having fun.

Don’t worry by the way if your vocals aren’t up to professional standard – you’ll soon feel comfortable with the recording process and performing in the studio as the sound engineer helps you settle down. And remember, however bad you may be at singing he’s heard FAR worse than you!

The experiences then start to go up in price as they get longer – a couple of hours, three and a half hours, working all the way up to six hours. Look at the individual experience you fancy to check out the actual studio time you get, and decide on the longest time you can afford. The longer you’re with the professional engineer, the more you’re going to pick up in terms of advice and recording secrets, the more you’ll understand the process, and possibly the better your finished track will be.

One tip that it’s worth noting – most of the sessions let you lay down a single song track, but a few let you record as many songs as you have time for in the period you’ve booked the studio for. Check out the individual experiences to see which ones they are.
And of course you’ll have the studio and the engineer to yourself for the duration of your session, so you’ll get his undivided attention.
All the experience companies sell recording sessions from the same set of providers, so if you find the same experience at different prices (as happens quite often), then we’d advise going for the cheapest. You’ll lose nothing and maybe save a few pounds.

What’s the pop video experience?

For those of you who aren’t content with just a sound recording of you in action, then this top of the range experience means you will make a real live pop video of you singing your chosen song.

In the first part of your day, you’ll lay down the song on CD like in the other experiences, but then you move into the hands of a skilled video editor where you’ll be filmed performing your song and get to choose the effects and backgrounds you want for your very own pop video. You’ll be amazed by the results, and imagine the reception you’ll get upping your professionally produced pop video on to Youtube.

Recording experience as a gift

While we’re all singers at heart, not everyone wants to cut a CD. But even if you don’t want this experience for yourself, we bet you know somebody who does! Many people would be thrilled at the opportunity to cut their own professionally produced track or make their own pop video. Imagine their surprise and pleasure at receiving this wonderful gift, and think how you may be giving them the chance to realise their hidden talents and bring them to life.

Recording studio experience – make a CD or pop video4.33333333333Sarah FirminRecording studio experience – make your own professionally produced CD or pop video. Have you got the X Factor?

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