Segway drink driver – first reported case in Norway

The BBC has just reported what it thinks is the first Drink-Driving case by a Segway user!

Segway stays upright even when you can't! (picture from BBC)
Segway stays upright even when you can’t! (picture from BBC)

The Segway has been out of the news recently in the UK, since that poor man from Barnsley went over a cliff on his. Though if you watched the European Athletic Championships recently from Zurich, you may have noticed a cameraman whizzing round the track alongside the runners videoing them the easy way.
And with the Segway’s maximun speed equivalent to sub-five-minute miles, it can easily keep up with runners in the long distance events.

So anyway, the Segway has bounced back into the news with a vengeance.
The BBC story reports that Norway had banned the Segway as a bit of an iffy moped (??? – well that’s what they classed it as, anyway), but in the interests of a Greener planet, on July 1st 2014 the government changed its mind and made it a legal vehicle to use on the country’s roads.

And it didn’t take long before somebody who probably couldn’t stay vertical enough to walk home from the pub decided to ride the Segway instead – cos as you will know if you’ve read our blogs, the Segway can stay upright no matter what. Usually anyway. And he was arrested, and is due to face legal proceedings (so I suppose we’d better add that all the above is just alleged!!).

But anyway, the news hot off the press is that the Segway is back in the news, so Segway experiences which are VERY popular all the time, will be flying off the shelf and harder to get hold of for a while.
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