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The future was supposed to be full of zoomy holograms, bright trousers and hoverboards. At least that’s what Back To The Future 2 promised us, and who were we to argue?

Since then we’ve got 3Dtvs, cheese strings and red jeans, but where’s the hoverboard? The only futuristic transport that’s been invented in the last 20 years that comes anywhere close is this, the mighty Segway.

So what’s a Segway?
We reckon you know this already, or how else would you have found this page? But if you don’t know, it’s a 2 wheeled electric scooter that you stand on and steer by leaning forwards and sideways.

It’s like that other futuristic vehicle from the past: the Sinclair C5, except you stand on it and it’s supercool. Trust on when we say it’s brilliant fun. (That’s the Segway, not the Sinclair C5).

These are all the Segway experiences in the UK

More about Segways

It’s pretty quick, accelerating up to over 12 miles an hour (you could take on the Kenyan distance runners on this little beauty), and you steer it by leaning the handlebars slightly in the direction you want to go. So blasting away on this bad boy is quite a thrill, and Segway racing is something else!

They do tracks, roads, or woodland paths, up hill, down dale, it’s all the same to this unique exhilarating ride experience. It’s illegal to ride one of these on British roads, as the man in Barnsley found to his cost, though several US states do allow it and it’s become a short-distance commuter vehicle of choice across the Atlantic.

Since they’re hard to get hold of over here, and they cost about £5000 to buy, and you need a private estate to ride one one, then it makes sense that if you’re desperate to try your skill on one of these bad lads, one of these dedicated experiences is the way to go.

Where can I ride a Segway?

Well not on the public roads, to start with! But seriously, there’s an experience for you wherever you live in the country. And many of them are in really great stately homes or country estates. How does Leeds Castle in Kent sound, or Nidd Hall near Harrogate. Ride a Segway at Slaley Hall near Newcastle upon Tyne, or zip along through Sherwood Forest. The lush Rushton Spencer estate near Manchester, or Alexandra Palace in London. And you can even race them at Silverstone or Mallory Park.

The list of locations is long, very long, so our advice is to check out the ones that take your fancy, confirm the detail of the location and what you get for your money, then you can book up there and then safe in the knowledge that we’ve done all the web-searching for you.

Here’s a big list of all of them

What’s the deal – A review of the segway activity day

The whole experience is fun fun fun from start to finish.

Well that’s not quite true, as you start with a safety briefing and an introduction to the fabulous little mode of transport, how to steer it, how to make it go, and how to make it go faster. This bit isn’t as good as when you’re actually blazing away on the beast, but it’s a must if you’re to make the most of your experience day. You get on average about three quarters of an hour actual mounted time, which is more than enough for an introduction to this legendary creature, but will inevitably leave you eager to book your next two-wheeled date and bring along all your mates too. It might even have you thinking how you can club together to import one yourself from the States and buy a country estate to ride it on!

Depending on the location, your ride will be around specially constructed courses to test your skill, or along woodland paths where you can try out your hill climbing, blasting along with the wind in your hair. Check out the individual experiences for details, but we’ve tried both and can’t decide which we prefer. All we know is that we do love Segway riding.

And we found that it’s even better if a whole gang of you go and make an event of it. Cameras at the ready!
It really is the case that once you’ve tried one out and found out just how much fun it is, you’ll be back. As the word spreads, more and more keen riders are coming back time after time for more of this quirky electric scooter.

5 thoughts on “Segway experiences

  • January 22, 2013 at

    Good to see you have highlighted the offers. I have mates at Go Ape myself and there are always offers available.
    You’d be a fool to pay full price, but you can pick up some bargains.

    • January 23, 2013 at

      Thanks Gandalf. We think that pound for pound, these Segway experiences are one of the best value experiences available, for the amount of fun you have. We agree that there are plenty of offers available too, that’s why we’ve shown the main ones at the top of the page.

  • January 22, 2013 at

    I used an open voucher for segway rally to attend the Go Ape courses at Thetford.

    My guide was good fun, and really patient whilst we all learnt the ropes of riding the Segway. (Which to be honest, didn’t take too long. You just stand and lean, and the device balances for you.)

    Thetford has four segway courses, and the instructor tells you how to manage all the turns and obstacles, so you are always safe. I was then taken on a tour of the forest by the instructor, in single file with the other guests.

    I would advise guests to take a friend and get a day for two – it would be enjoyable chasing after someone you know.

    • November 13, 2012 at

      Thanks Louisa – we agree. Segways are one of the most fun budget experiences. And they’re available in loads of places areound the UK. We’ll add them to our stocking fillers and small presents list, cos you can pick one up for under £30

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