Sightseeing pleasure flight – by plane or helicopter

You’d be surprised how cheap it is to see the sights by air.

These pleasure flights are just that – a pleasure – so forget Heathrow, forget all the trials of check-in, forget aisle seats with no windows. On these flights the emphasis is all about looking out and admiring the view. And what a view.

Where do I find the cheapest quality pleasure flight?

Firstly, we’re glad you said “quality” as we only deal with the top quality experience providers, so you’ll be sure to get a really enjoyable experience and good value for money.
Secondly, we’ve gathered together all the net’s pleasure flights in one place for you . All our prices are updated in real time, and you also get the added benefit of being the first to see any special offers.

So check out the details of the ones you fancy below.

And remember that one of these great trips makes a fantastic original gift idea, and at these prices it’s also very affordable. A gift for young and old alike, and you can be sure that wherever they live in the country there’ll be a pleasure flight for them nearby. Chocks away!!!!!

What kind of places can I see on a pleasure flight?

The list of places you can fly over and get an amazing view you’d never see any other way, will astound you.
London, of course is a must. But did you realise you can sightsee over the dreaming spires of Oxford, the timeless Roman city of York with its legendary Minster or the historic city of Bath. Just imagine The Royal Crescent from the air.

Or if you’re more of a country person than a townie, then you can take a pleasure flight over some of the most breathtaking scenery there is. How does Snowdonia, the Scottish Borders or the Dee valley grab you.

There’s even a “Dambusters” flight where you have the privilege of tracing the training route of those heroes The Dambusters as they flew the Lancaster bombers that were squadron 617 and planned in detail their eternally famous attack on the dams of the Ruhr in Germany during World War II. They used Lady Bower Reservoir and Derwent Valley as a training ground and you’ll be taken over these landmarks with a fascinating trip back into history.

There’s Portsmouth, where a tour over the harbour yields some fascinating naval views, or even the Isle of Wight, that most picturesque of holiday islands.
But these are only examples – the list is by no means exhaustive and you need to check out the individual flight offerings on the links below to fully appreciate all the fascinating, breathtaking and picturesque places you can take your pleasure flight.

Do I go in a plane?

Yes, many of these tours are in a light aircraft seating a couple of passengers. You normally fly with a couple of other sightseers, but if you’re prepared to pay a little more you can have the sole use of the plane for a Private Sightseeing Tour. The remainder of the sightseeing flights are by helicopter, which if you think about it makes a lot of sense.
You don’t need an airstrip to take off and land a helicopter, so there are far more locations for sightseeing available to helicopter flights. And helicopters can hover to give you better sustained views of places of special interest, whereas the best that light aircraft can do is to circle around.

But on the other hand, helicopters are noisy – there’s no way round it, so you’ll be wearing ear defenders, though you can usually expect a commentary to be relayed through these as through normal headphones.

Most people love the idea of a sightseeing pleasure flight by helicopter, and that includes us, but if you prefer a light aircraft trip, then that’s fine but your choice of locations will be a bit more limited.


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