Skidpan experience – skid training day

In the winter months – or let’s face it, at practically any time of year in our unpredictable weather – a skidpan experience where you learn to handle your car safely in the very worst weather is a must-have investment.
It could even be a life-saver.
We all drive on the road in all weathers, but how many of us have the knowledge and skill to keep ourselves and others safe in snow, ice or even rain?

And, even better, you’ll have such fun learning that it won’t even seem like work!

This is the most popular Skid experience day

It’s at Silverstone, the very home of motorsport, it’s run by the top people and on top of that it’s great value for money.

If you don’t fancy a trip to Silverstone, or just want to check out all the other skid training days on offer (and there are A LOT of them!), then here is a list of all the skidpan days available in the UK.

We use only the top, most reputable suppliers, so you can be sure of learning the right way, in complete safety, and that you’ll enjoy an overall great experience. And we update prices daily, so you can be sure you’re paying the best possible price.

So what happens on on a skidpan experience?

Well there are some variations as you’d expect for different prices and different locations, but the basic content of a skid pan course is pretty similar.

First of all, you’ll get a short safety briefing to make sure you’re going to be safe – and this helps you get to know your instructor a bit too.
And soon you’re out in the special car on a purpose built track (aka skidpan) where your instructor takes you through the several types of skid you might experience, and gives you an idea how to control them.

Your first experience of each skid will be with the instructor at the wheel and you riding shotgun, so don’t worry about being out of your depth.
He (or she) will demonstrate to you what happens if you do the wrong thing in the skid, and then do it again and show you how to do it the right way. And all in total safety.
Then it’s all change: you take the wheel, your instructor takes the passenger seat as you take the custom car into skids, and out of them again. And let’s face it, this is what the experience is all about. It’s one thing knowing the theory, but quite another actually putting that theory into practice.

You usually get a couple of hours in the car which is plenty of time for you to feel comfortable in skids of all types and to feel totally confident that you can control the car in any situation you could meet on our roads, in whatever weather.

Don’t expect to come off this experience and enter the Monte Carlo Rally because that’s not the point of it. Rallying, to be sure, does use some of the skills you’ll learn on this course, but your aim on the day should be to equip you with the skills and judgement to handle any skid or tricky situation you could accidentally get into in treacherous road conditions.

But of course if you do fancy yourself as a rally driver, then by all means check out the Rally Driving Experiences and see how you compare with the Professionals!!

The most precious gift you’ll ever give

We call can think of someone who drives regularly, but perhaps lacks confidence when the snow and ice come.

So instead of giving them socks, perfume, DVDs or other stuff that won’t last, what better gift could you give than one which will vastly increase their confidence on the roads and may even prove a life-saver.

Or even better, buy two tickets and go with them! Men or women, old or young, provided they’ve got a driving licence, they’ll benefit from this experience day.

And have we already said what a brilliant fun day out it is? Yes, learn to handle the very worst conditions and enjoy yourself at the same time.
So what are you waiting for?

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