Tandem bungee jump for two

We’d choose a tandem bungee experience over a single bungee experience every time. You’ve got someone else for comfort, to hold on to, and to laugh at! Call it the Lover’s Leap experience, a double bungee or a tandem jump, it’s all the same basic idea of two people strapped together, and pushed off a crane on an elastic band.
We’ve brought all the double jumps together for you so you can compare prices and get the best deal for you and your fellow leaper.

Obviously it’s not the thing for people with medical problems or pregnant women, but that goes without saying doesn’t it – so if you’ve got weak ankles, vertigo or are easily frightened, then look elsewhere.

Several locations around the UK.

Another benefit of this tandem bungee jump is that it’s available in quite a few locations across the UK. So you can buy it as a gift for someone else, and you can be quite sure there will be a location near to them. (Unless they live off the tip of the Shetland Isles or something.)

So call it what you will – Double bungee, bungee for two people, tandem bungee experience – To share a scream with someone you love (or hate), this experience is bungeetastic!

And don’t forget to shout “Geronimo” as you launch into space. Though most people are too busy screaming for help to remember that. But make sure you’ve taken somebody with you to record the whole happening for you. Then give us a link to your video on Youtube and we might even feature it on this page to show others what to expect.

BTW, we’ve added a few particularly interesting non-tandem jumps, just in case you’re tempted 🙂

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