Tank paintball experience

This tank driving experience is more thrilling than most because it’s a real battle scenario – with paintballs

This experience doesn’t cost much more than the cheapest tank experience we’ve found, but the focus is less on the basics of how to drive a tank, and more on the action you can have when you’re doing it.

What happens on this tank experience?
You get to drive a tank, aim the cannon, load the breech and shoot paintballs at your opponents, in another tank. It’s a more realistic experience of what it’s like to drive a massive tank, at the same time as shooting your enemies and trying to avoid getting hit.

It’s not a long experience, usually just an afternoon spent learning the ropes and then having a mini battle, but when we took part it certainly got the adrenaline going. Probably because you’re concentrating on so many things at the same time, while hurtling across a field in tonnes of heavy metal and trying to beat the opponents. You get to be a driver, gunner or commander, and have to steer, fire and navigate using only the periscope

Are there any drawbacks?
It’s not a huge problem, but you’ll be sharing the tank with up to three other people. You can’t possibly drive a tank on your own – it’s a team thing, and we were grateful that there were other people there who seemed even less good at driving tanks than we were. Not that it’s difficult, but there’s quite a lot to remember.

So actually the other people aren’t a drawback, but just something to bear in mind. The biggest drawback is probably that it’s in Leicestershire. But if you’re close enough to travel there this experience day is definitely worth it.

So why are we reviewing this experience?
1 – We like the way it’s a battle scenario, rather than just driving about
2 – It’s available through a few experience providers, and this is the cheapest
3 – It got us really excited when we did it

Where is it?
Like some of the other tank driving experiences, this tank paintball experience is only available in Leicestershire.

This experience is available from several providers, and here they are with real time pricing for you to pick the best price:

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