Tea at Harrods – now that’s posh

Afternoon tea (and of course that means tea for two) is made even more of a special treat when you take it at Harrods, THE place where everybody dreams of sharing afternoon tea with that special someone.

How do I buy it?

They’re sold through experience companies, and we’ve brought them all together in one place for you here. There are two kinds, the standard luxury tea, and the champagne tea – they’re more or less the same, but you get a glass of champagne with the champagne tea. This makes it extra special if it’s a celebration meal and you want to push the boat out a bit. We suggest you choose which one you want, then buy from whichever company is cheapest at the time.

Review of this experience

The first good thing about this afternoon tea is that it’s in Harrods. We can’t think of a better store to spend a day or two marvelling at all the amazing things that are on offer. So you can spend as much time as you like before and after your tea browsing the store (especially its legendary food hall) and trying not to buy things.

Then you have the world-famous Harrods Georgian Restaurant, a sumptuous luxury location for your special afternoon tea. Crisp linen, sparkling china, attentive service – in fact everything you could ask for including scrumptious home-baked sandwiches, scones and pastries and your choice of tea, plus the time to linger over your meal as you savour this experience.

If you want to push the boat out with a glass of Champagne, then by all means book the Champagne one. But personally we find that the “standard”, if you can call such elegance and luxury standard, is enough of an experience in itself to please most and give the afternoon tea to remember.

So just how posh is it?

It’s in a lovely big room so there’s plenty of space, and there’s a really glamorous atmosphere. We’d describe it as classy, but not over the top or intimidating as some places can be. It’s maybe a bit less opulent than the Ritz or the Savoy or the Orient Express, but tea in the Ritz or Savoy cost around double the price of this, and you’d have to book weeks in advance for popular times.

You’re serenaded by a piano throughout, which we found nice and relaxing and a good mood-creator, but some reports have complained about having an automatic piano rather than a live pianist. We can’t say we noticed this, and if that were the case it certainly didn’t affect our enjoyment.

And don’t forget, this fantastic afternoon treat makes a great, affordable gift for mum and dad, a couple of friends or aunties and uncles. And it’s not just for older people either. This is the kind of experience that can be appreciated by all ages. You’d be amazed how even kids and teens become keen on the English ritual of tea in the afternoon when they’re being taken along to sample it at this wonderful classic store.

So for Mothers Day, Fathers Day, birthdays, anniversaries – the list of occasions when you can surprise somebody with this gourmet gift is pretty endless, and the nice thing is that you know it will be appreciated and enjoyed.

And if you’ve not tried it yourself, then there’s no time like the present.

Stop press: Harrods are now offering other events you can book if you want something different from tea, ranging from a fantastic lunch through to a Champagne evening. We’ll put them here on this site the moment they’re available, and they’re certainly worth checking out.

3 thoughts on “Tea at Harrods – now that’s posh

  • November 13, 2012 at

    Visited in late 2012. Nice bit of luxury without a huge price. Busy with plenty of tourists and full of old dears, but no rif-raf. And waiting staff were good and efficient organised. Would recommend

    • November 13, 2012 at

      We agree. It’s busy but in a nice efficient way, and the champagne makes it a much nicer experience if you’re buying it as a gift. All the ‘afternoon tea with champagne’ experiences above are the same, so if you’re interested in buying, just click through to the cheaest.

      Just don’t get drunk and start spending all your cash in Harrods

  • November 13, 2012 at

    Make sure you get afternoon tea with champagne. £10 or £15 more but worth it for the extra poshness.

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