Top Christmas experiences for kids – full price range

Don’t you just love Christmas? And it’s all the more enjoyable when you get your gifts sorted out early and you can concentrate on the celebrating, eating, drinking and watching those old movies again (only joking about that one!) If you give an experience day gift, then you’ll be looking at pictures and watching videos of it and reliving the experience for months and months afterwards.

And with, there’s no need to wait till the last minute to give your kids the best Christmas present ever.





Why give an experience gift?

Well the answer’s easy when you think about it. Kids these days have everything, and most things are just “boring”. Electronics, for example, are out as either they’ve already got one, or you’ll get the wrong type. And boy how picky kids are about getting just the exact model/colour/release of whatever it is they like. In fact most things that parents, aunts, uncles and other relatives think of to give are out. But the good news is that the new trend  now is to give a gift experience. An experience is a day/half day doing an activity that the child will love, find enthralling, take pictures and videos of, and talk about for evermore. And from the child’s point of view, absolutely nothing makes you a hit with your mates like going on a great experience. The bragging rights of a top experience are just unbelievable.

Well there are experiences for kids featuring everything you can think of and then some. When you check out the full list of kids’ experiences, you’ll see why they’re such a popular gift.
Did you know that  a child can have a day out cutting a record, driving a Ferrari, rallying, driving a digger, a double decker bus, or even a real live fire engine. Kids can have an experience day out attending spy school, playing real cowboys with real horses, learning to cook, kayaking, SCUBA diving and much much more. And all supervised and in perfect safety.

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