Vinopolis spirit tours

Vinopolis are famous for their fantastic wine tasting and spirit tours.
Wine tasting tours are covered in depth in our Wine tasting reviews page, where we cover not only Vinopolis but also the entire range of wine tasting experiences available in the UK today. So this particular review is dedicated to the tours that you can buy where you not only receive valuable tips and tricks of the trade in wine tasting, but progress to tasting and savouring stronger alcoholic drinks.

Vinopolis spirit tours are held only at Bankside in London

and you can choose single or two-person tours, and to do just the spirit tour, or to take lunch at the famous Cantina Vinopolis beforehand.

Vinopolis are not currently offering these tours – check out WINE TASTING experiences instead.

What happens on the spirit tour – review

This really is a fabulous experience.
If you’re lunching at the Cantina Vinopolis to put you in the mood for your spirit tour, then you take that first at your leisure. But remember to keep a clear head as you’ll need that later for the tastings, and don’t forget there’s plenty of alcohol afterwards!!!)
Now the tour starts with the presentation of your exclusive Vinopolis tasting notebook for recording vital information to take away with you.
Then a qualified professional spends 15 minutes explaining how to assess and truly appreciate wine, not only by tasting, but by using all your other senses too.
For the wine tasting, you may then select five of their range of wines to taste and judge before you move on to the spirit section of the tour.
How does two different absinthes sound? Well add to that two beers and two rums, and you’ll appreciate the full extent and depth of this fantastic tasting extravaganza.And as if that’s not enough, you’ll finish with one of the famous Bombay Sapphire cocktails based on the legendary Bombay Sapphire gin. It’s alcohol heaven, and then some!
This isn’t a course for wine and drinks snobs, but an experience for people who like and appreciate good drinks, and want to learn a little more about what they’re drinking, which should help them appreciate it all the more in future. And the overall aim is to have a good time. Go on, enjoy yourself!
And since the three course lunch is superb with brilliant attentive staff, we’d recommend taking the lunch-included version and making it into a great day out.
Driving home afterwards is a definite no-no, but then you knew that didn’t you?

Spirit tour as a gift

Many people who appreciate good food and wine take themselves and their partner on this Vinopolis experience and thoroughly enjoy it. But because it’s so much fun, we find it’s a very popular gift for anniversaries, special occasions and even Christmas and birthdays. A lot of people who would really enjoy this experience simply haven’t heard of it, so imagine their delight at receiving it as a unique gift idea!
It certainly beats bunches of flowers and Des O’Connor CDs as far as we’re concerned, so take our advice and get yourself remembered as the one who gives the best gifts.

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