Visit to Bletchley Park Code Breaking Centre

Enjoy a day out at the famous World War 2 Codebreaking Centre Bletchley Park,

where mathematical geniuses like Alan Turing worked to defeat the enemy.

There’s a comprehensive multimedia guide once you get inside the place, to help you find your way around, and you’ll go into the faithfully restored codebreakers’ huts and see for yourself where the War was won!
And after you’ve found out all you want to know about codebreaking and how they did it, take a tour of the fabulous historic building and grounds.

It’s an excellent and fascinating day out for all ages.

You’ll enjoy a delicious afternoon tea as part of your visit, or combine it with a luxury one night break and dinner at a top hotel.

Here are all the Bletchley Park tours that you can get at the moment, so take your pick and check out the place where The Imitation Game actually happened.

As you’ll know if you watched the Imitation Game, there were many many people involved in breaking the German codes in the War, the vast majority of them consisting of teams of women who worked all day in the huts, painstakingly following decoding instructions, and then went home at night where they had to pretend they were doing just a regular job.

Even though they knew that their work was vital, most of them didn’t have the full picture (for security reasons, of course) but they all pulled together at a time of National Emergency to get the job done and defeat Nazism. It’s been estimated that their codebreaking success shortened the war by up to five years, and it was certainly a key factor in Britain’s victory.
The workers in Bletchley Park were certainly Britain’s unsung heroes, and long after the War ended still maintained total silence about the work they did, until it was judged safe to reveal it.

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