Whisky tasting experience

Do you know someone who loves good single malt whisky and would love to find out more? Well you’re in luck because we’ve found quite a collection of whiskey tasting experience days.

What happens on the whisky tasting experiences?

Think of it as a wine tasting experience but more unusual and quite a bit harder!

You can probably guess that it involves plenty of whisky! Single malt and blended whiskies including bourbon, scotch and Irish whiskey. But you’ll also find out about what separates a good whisky from an ordinary whisky, and develop the kind or gourmet palate to really appreciate the finest whiskies on offer. You’ll have the chance to go with a friend or partner, as most are whisky experiences for two people.

Here’s a collection of the best and cheapest whisky experiences we’ve found, and as you can see, there’s plenty of choice

And as you’ll see, we’ve thrown in a few Whisky presentation gifts for those who want to enjoy their spirits in the comfort of their own home rather than touring the place where they make it.

Now I’m probably not the best person to review these experience days, because I don’t like whisky, but you can rest assured that for anyone who loves it, these are really special occasions.

So why are there so many whisky experiences?

I have no idea, probably cos whisky is more popular than I thought,  but I’m amazed at how many whisky tasting experiences that we’ve been able to find. Whether you want to have the very best tasting experience in grand style and spend a relaxing whisky weekend visiting the home of malt whisky, or just spend an evening learning more about the world’s finest drink, there’s a tasting experience to suit you.

Whisky experiences will include sessions with a true expert in the field, so you can pick up the secrets of what makes the finest malt, and how to recognise and savour it. And you’ll have the chance to go with a friend or partner, as most are whisky experiences for two people.

Or imagine what a wonderful original gift idea a whisky experience would be for that special person? Check out the best whisky tasting experiences, with up to date prices so you’ll know you’re getting the best value and cheapest whisky tasting experience in the UK.

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