Zookeeper for a day

If you can’t chose which animals you want to experience, then the zookeeper for a day solves your problem and is the ultimate animals experience!

We were on a feed the lemurs experience when we noticed a girl going round feeding ALL the animals. How come she got to feed the coatis, red pandas and all sorts of other animals when we just had the (admittedly brilliant) lemurs? The answer is that she was being a zookeeper for the day, and as a result, was feeding and learn about all the brilliant animals.

You normally have to be 18+ to go on a zoo keeper day. If you’re buying for someone younger, take a look at our kids’ zookeeping page.

What happens when you’re a zookeeper for the day?
The fun bits are obviously feeding the animals, learning about them and making sure they’re ok, as well as a bit of work like mucking them out and preparing their food. Some people are worried that this zookeeper experience might be a bit too much work and not enough fun, but trust us when we say it’s all good. They’re not slave drivers at these zoos, and they know people on a zookeeper experience are there to enjoy themselves.

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