Zorbing experience for one and two people

Zorbing, ‘harness sphering’ or just ‘rolling in a ball down a hill’

 Rolling down a hill, in a ball, with someone else. What better way to get close? Actually, this is a pretty weird one, but so weird that it’s one of our favourites. It’s basically what it looks like – rolling down a hill in an inflatable ball. Whether or not this is an adrenaline experience is open to debate, but it’s certainly great fun.

We think if you’re going to go zorbing, it’s always better to do it with someone else. And the DOUBLE zorbing experience is a fun way to do something unusual, with someone close.

Cheapest zorbing experiences

So what’s it cost? Check out today’s lowest prices on the links below. We update prices real time to make sure the prices on here are the cheapest on the web. The experience doesn’t take long, just rolling down a hill for a minute or two, but you’ll be laughing about it for ages afterwards.

We’ve brought them all together for you to look through to find just the one you want.

What do you think of that then? Not bad for a fun little experience day, and it’s available across the UK too!

All these experiences are the same, as it’s an outside company that sells the vouchers to the experience companies. This means you can choose the cheapest and be confident you’re getting the same experience; and as you can see, these experiences often have some great deals and offers.

 Zorbing locations

Since all that’s needed is a grassy hill, then it’s not surprising that this rolling experience is available in loads of locations nationwide Such as – Oxford, Newquay, London, West Sussex, Nottingham, Manchester, Leeds,  Newcastle, Perth (Scotland) Chepstow, Monmouthshire (Wales). So click on the link for the one you fancy, check out the exact details and location, and you can buy there and then confident that you’re getting the lowest price available,

So assuming there’s a location near you, assuming that you want to roll in a ball and assuming you don’t want to spend loads on the experience, this is a great choice.


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  • November 14, 2012 at

    You only get one roll but it’s fun while it lasts. We paid for another one while we were there.

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